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QCF: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

ew games get the chance to leave behind the legacy they truly deserve to. In a lot of cases, we see games that’re just regulated as a notable footnote for its time, or a diamond in the rough, or even getting the status of being a cult-favorite among a loyal niche of fans who do what they can to share their reverence of the software—it’s the duality of this in game culture that makes it so exciting, and disheartening all at the same time.

Thankfully, we live in an age where old media is getting hip again, and the trend has not only resurfaced some hits from way back, it’s also opened up the door to some of the more obscure choices of the past to get their own second chance in a modern reimagining.

However, none of these choices could be stranger than Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap developed by Westone for the Sega Master System, a platform that struggled to be anything more than 8-bit nuance to the NES, and leaving little to no chance that the gem was played because of its exclusivity to the Master System. Surprisingly enough however, a new studio by the name of LizardCube has teamed up with Dot Emu to deliver a remastering of The Dragon’s Trap, and do so with a degree that could humble Capcom’s efforts with DuckTales into being a simple throwback by comparison.

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 169 - The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +

oguelike. Adventure. Dungeon-crawler. RPG. But most importantly, Twin-stick Run-n-Gun shooter! We take a look at The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus on the Nintendo Switch. How does this insanely dark game stack up??

In the Credits: 
Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein (PSone)
1943 Kai (PC Engine)
Luftrausers (PC/PS3/Vita)


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QCF: Snake Pass

n the day and age we live in where gamma lighting adjustments are a standard requirement for the games played today, it please my heart to no end that the waves of titles that we have been treated to in 2017 have been these vividly bright, vibrantly colorful adventures like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Yooka-Laylee.

In keeping that trend of whimsical eye candy going, Sumo Digital has produced a unique experience that stretches the very definition of the platformer genre that it claims to identify under (which in all honestly works to its credit.)

Snake Pass is a mascot venture that empathizes the fundamentals of its invertebrate hero in ways that will challenge the conventional aspects of three-dimensional movement, commanding an entirely different perception of skill needed to progress the various obstacles that it throws at you.

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PPR 101

ow many times have you been told that a video game has to be played above all else, a game that has to be experienced to be believed, or something that made you feel like you were playing with power, or loud?

Hell, what about all things that it does that the other games just don’t, and the nonsensical screaming and camera shaking that followed… If you recall any of the reminiscent of the aforementioned occurrences that were described, then you my friend may have bared witness to the infamous “video game commercial.”

While we discussed what the effects of a hype train can hold, the publisher-funded adverts that’re pushed down our throats to refurbish that same sort of sensation may be going the way of the memory card before we know it. The gang gets together to discuss some of the commercials that they remember, and the effects that they had along with the shifting climate of game advertisement and more along with all the latest news and announcements that have been dropped as of recent.

We’re talking Red Dead Redemption 2, the Voice actor strike, Skylanders Imaginators, Layer Section II, Burly Men At Sea, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, The Nintendo Switch, Destiny: Rise of Iron, the PS4 Pro, which movie is better between Super Troopers and Beerfest, and more!

So start listening, and get N or get out, or whatever, no one’s really forcing you honestly…

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