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PPR 93

ome cool jokes, solid sound effects, and a lot of chemistry in each conversation: would listen to again—8/10, or something like that. Yeah, as silly as they can be, game reviews are one of the most polarizing, yet essential elements to the culture and industry of video games today.

As the medium of gaming grows, so too does the science of critiquing it for both consumer and developers alike. We here at Press Pause Radio decide to discuss this necessary evil in detail, ranging in our thoughts about the process from our fellow peers in games journalism, our very perspective on the concept of review, justifying our personal philosophy behind our very own grading system.

Along the way we talk about Valentine’s Day, The New Nintendo 3DS XL, The Order 1886, Club Nintendo, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Mexican Snowboarding, Life is Strange, Avernum 2, Kirby and The Rainbow Curse, The Last Guardian, and more!

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