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QCF: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

n what has gradually bloomed into somewhat of a subtle tradition from the gaming giant since the Gameboy Advance’s prime, the Big N has enlisted their subsidiary Game Freak, into unleashing yet another modern revamp of a past chapter out of their golden child’s past, for the latest incarnation of Nintendo’s pocket hardware.

While last year’s stellar X and Y entries went on to prove why the Pokémon brand is still a household name though, the inevitable remakes of franchise’s Ruby and Sapphire generation that we anticipated has sadly failed to keep the momentum that those previous titles had lent them.

No, what Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby does instead is quite the opposite, it falls victim to a wonted flaw that has infrequently plagued Pikachu and his Poképals in more recent years of the now tenured property—complete and utter fatigue.

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QCF: Pokémon X/Y

or the last seventeen years, a series that hinged so much on its formulaic design has not only gone on to endure, but prosper and become one of the most successful properties in media today. The sixth generation of the Pocket Monsters made it’s very first simultaneous debut across the world on the Big N’s new edition of the iconic dual-screened pocket-sized game box, and well, it’s still sort of a big deal.

I’ll be honest with you guys, the previous iteration didn’t impress me in the slightest, it had the exact opposite effect—a sentiment that’s argued even among the most dedicated of fans of its respective community. However, The latest X and Y installment in the Pokémon dynasty is different.

Instead of pandering to systematically compulsory reaction of shoving new monsters and gimmicks to the fold—X and Y tone it down and balance it out with some of the sharpest refinements the formula yet, making it both, the most appealing and the most polished to enter the fold.

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