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E3 2012: EA Keynote Live Blog


PAX East 2012: Bioware and Mass Effect


QCF: Mass Effect 3

This review was freelanced by writer and friend of the cast James Wells. 

It’s hard not to come at Mass Effect 3 without the squeal of a fanboy who has invested five years of his life into the series. Bioware’s space opera is one of the best things to happen to sci-fi in the last 20 years, and with the third installment bringing the epic story of Commander Shepard to a close, the big question is whether Bioware could  live up to its promise of making your decisions matter to a story five years in the making. For the most part, the Edmonton studio has achieved that promise, however impossible it may have seemed.

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PPR 56

Wow, we completely cut out news on this super-sized episode of Press Pause Radio, and we still went for three hours. THREE HOURS! How is it possible that we could ramble on and on for such a long time? It's because we all love arcades and are avid fans/collectors of arcade machines. On this episode the entire crew reflect on arcades of the past, and dream of a possible future where arcades may one day return. We will also discuss some of the newest games that have released, and nerd out for the release of Mass Effect 3. Feel free to join us on this ride on the pixelated superhighway, and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes, Zune and now Stitcher Radio. Please, we need positive reinforcement. 

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PPR 54

On this very special episode of Press Pause Radio, we talk about the dangers of video game addiction. What happens when one more game or one more level spirals out of control and destroys relationships, jobs and other activities out of the virtual world? The crew will discuss this topic and more with the most responsible and well-adjusted person they know, the one and only Ballsrog. The gang-star of video games sits in on this episode and raps with the group about Skyrim, Mass Effect and how fat and stupid Dustin is. I believe that we are all in agreement on the last point, especially Toast. Thanks for downloading and listening to the show, please be sure to rate and review on iTunes and Zune so we can afford to pay off Ballsrog. He said he was going to fix our Xbox for us, too. I hope he comes back with those soon, last time we saw him he was at some company...

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Life Through The Pixel Glass: Commander Shepard


We've been hearing more and more buzz about Mass Effect 3 this week and I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain how excited I am for the game's release in March. That being said, I found it only fitting that I share one of my favorite video game songs "Commander Shepard" by Miracle of Sound. The song isn't just amazing, it's extremely catchy! It isn't out of the ordinary to see me humming it at least five times a day. So, like every Mass Effect fan out there right now, play through the first two games again but this time with even more style now that you've aquired this awesome piece of music!