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PPR 88

his week, we talk about Twitch, no, not the actual act of twitching, or convulsing, or anything like that (go see a doctor folks if you're experiencing any of that on the reg by the by.) The conversation covers all the areas worth noting like monetization, new security implementation, online narcissism, and the whole platform just getting too damn big for its own britches.

Among other things, Andrew and George preach what the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and what it SHOULD be about when you do it, along with the Burger King Kids Club, Captain Planet, Pauley Shore’s Son-in-Law, and fucking Bible Man of all things because when do we ever have a handle on things?

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QCF: Lifeless Planet

hile I'm not much for a game that is too expansive with a bajillion things to collect, I am rather into the kinds of games that have a great sense of exploration. Games that present a world that makes me go, “huh, I sure wish I could visit this place in real life.” I had seen previews of Lifeless Planet and it instantly got me thinking. “What is this world? Why is there a small house on the edge of a massive crater?

Why no trees? What's with the desert? Does this guy really need a space suit?” All of these questions and more are answered through an incredible, story driven action-platformer-lite presentation with heavy emphasis on exploring a world strikingly similar to ours if it were, you know, lifeless.

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