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Press Pause Video-Episode 01: Metroidvania 

he guys have gone Video! Every other week, we plan on sitting down and essentially recording mini-podcasts in the vein of Press Pause Radio, only with visual aids and other horseshit of the like. The inaugural topic of discussion has us breaking down the meaning and association of one of George’s favorite distinctions that he loves to romanticize—Metroidvania.

What is it exactly, and why do we love it so much, and why does the label seem so arbitrary in the grand scheme of things in today’s gaming landscape; Andrew, Ser, and George sit down to chew that fat.

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PAX East 2014: The Best of the Indie mega booth!

ndie Mega Booth is always a delight when it makes an appearance, and now that it’s branched out to the likes of GDC and Indiecade, the roster of games in the showcase is able to stretch into territory of epic proportions both in size and diversity. On top of that, this has had to have been the best showing the booth has ever done so far; meaning I had a heavy heart over deciding which games made the cut for the best of show but the deed is done, so without further adieu—here’s the cream of the crop for Indie Mega Booth at PAX east 2014!

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