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QCF: Infamous: First Light

nFAMOUS: Second Son was one of the best reviewed and well received titles to release on the Playstation 4 this year, introducing us to the amazingly realistic depiction of Seattle and the various abilities of the conduits. Fetch was one of those conduits, originally feuding with Delsin on several occasions before finally joining the side of good to dispatch the D.U.P forces. With First Light, the player is able to go back two years before the events with Delsin to experience how Fetch became the neon-fueled renegade chased endlessly by her own demons. Does the experience add to one of the standout titles exclusive to the Sony platform so far, or is it a standalone game that cannot live up to the hype? As a fan of Second Son I can say that this downloadable content is worth the price of admission.

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PPR 84

ww man, I can’t wait to play through this game, this is so exciting, and the bes…..oh, and it’s done? Is that it? I would appear so; it’s the age-old question we ask ourselves every other release, and more often within recent years, just how long should a game be?

James, Ser, and George sit around and ask that question among themselves while Toast is trapped at some Girl Scout event in Parts Unknown and dicuss a myriad of topics ranging from James romanticizing why everyone should be playing Dark Souls to Ser using a PSP Go in the most ridiculous of ways. So plug in your whatever, and listen to a couple of hours of whatever with the newest episode of Press Pause Radio.

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QCF: inFamous: Second Son

he idea of being larger than life leads down many paths to those who aspire for that sort of spotlight; stuff like entertainment, professional sports, or politics, but the most fantastical of them all is obtaining super powers, humanity’s ever present castle in the air.

Sucker Punch ventured into such territory and the grand moral compass that proceeds over it with inFamous, an ambitious open-world game that stumbled a bit out the door before it found the right beat for the tune it was pitching with inFamous 2.

Fast forward to present time and we see Sucker Punch at it again with inFamous Second Son; a sequel that introduces some novel features to the series, but unfortunately regresses the all-too-important advancements from its predecessor to a disappointingly mediocre degree.

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PPR 71

an, a game with a floating disembodied old man head has our early vote for the next Game of The Year folks! You heard it here first! Oh and Sony did show off their latest console to help usher in the next generation for video games, the PlayStation 4. Among the talk we’ve got some emails with some late confessions, thoughts towards Aliens: Colonial Marines, and we share our condolences for our favorite game enthusiast/journalism and media website on the internet-1UP.com. Jeremy Parish and company continued the legacy after so many have left and we indulge on why 1UP was so important to all of us. Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well!

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