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QCF: Monster Hunter: World

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apcom's Monster Hunter franchise has been around for a couple decades now, dating back to the PlayStation 2 days. The series has more popularity in Japan, but there has always been a fan base here in the States. The latest entry into the series, Monster Hunter: World has caught the attention of seasoned veterans as well as curious newcomers. Since its announcement, the title has delivered some spectacular trailers boasting countless hours of intense, high-action hunts, all in a semi-open world setting. So, does the latest title in the series live up to the hype—In short, yes.

Those not familiar with the franchise need only know that the title explains the general premise of the games. Hunt monsters. Not only do you get to hunt and slay these titanic beasts, but you also get to carve them up to use their hides, claws, and bones to craft weapons and armor. In essence, if you're looking to craft some fire-resistant armor, take down some fire-breathing wyverns, skin them, and you'll have yourself some flame retardant armor in no time.

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PPR 102

ver hear the saying when you were young that it’s no fun to stay in the same place for too long because there’s a whole world out there waiting for you? Especially when you were told to go outside more, and to play video games? Funny to think back on that now that the last few generations of games have been able to give that same sort of rush all from within the comfort of your own home.

And even then it isn’t always comforting when we have to spend the next 10 real world minutes to get to some dumb vantage point.

This week on Press Pause Radio, we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to embark on the next instalment in The Legend of Zelda series, and the experience has been nothing short of magical. It got us thinking about the current climate of the open-world genre in gaming, and how much more we’re seeing them in the current wave of software.

We also talk about Lego Dimensions, Dollar stores, Horizon Zero Dawn, CW’s Riverdale, Destiny, Mass Effect 3, Night In the Woods, Super Bomberman R, our impressions of the Nintendo Switch and more—nothing short of being a packed episode from us per usual!

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