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GDC 2013: How DIY Indie Game Development is gaining ground

ne of the biggest issues currently facing the video games industry isn’t with the lacking of video game coverage, but rather the types of games we’re actively covering. We have numerous individuals crafting their own ideas for what they feel video games could truly be, yet we never hear enough about them.

Luckily, we see more outlets shifting focus towards more indie developers and projects, which opens entirely new realms of opportunity in the world of video gaming. One entire website, for instance, even showcases some of the best independent games currently available for download: Free Indie Games.

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PPR Presents Indiedrome: Episode 3: Too Many Bundles!

his week on Indiedrome, Matt and Stevie talk about the saturation of independent game bundles that populate the web on a daily basis and how it affects the independent games market. Also, Matt shares his love of Russell Brand, Stevie shares his love of Hotline Miami, and both are bewildered at the concept of what a quote unquote “spoiler” is.

Make sure to keep a look out on iTunes as one of the first of many feeds Indiedrome will be appearing on in the near future and as always, don't forget to save your game.

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