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PPR Presents Play Play: Sonic Dreams Collection

isten, we know that there’s a deep, dark, and rather unsettling element to the Sonic The Hedgehog community that will never go away, and we’ve all gone on to accept it, hell, even SEGA is kind of over it at this point.

What we never expected was a celebration of fetishizing the hedgehog in the form of a game for every to quote unquote “play.”

We’re not going to spare any bones about it; Sonic Dreams Collection is weird, and a little nightmarish, and we here at Press Pause Radio have decided to show you around, and uhhh, get disgusted for you…or we mean, with you—enjoy?

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PPR Presents Our 5th year anniversary special: Alien Soldier for Extra Life

ou guys and gals want to hear something funny? Our fifth year anniversary is this Sunday, and we knew this day was coming sooner or later (well Andrew always said no fucking way to be fair.)

Moreover, though, on what I thought would be one of the most joyous occasions of my life, I’m going to stream my least favorite game of all God Damn time to earn money for the kiddos, while you lot of sickos entertain at my misery for 8 hours. The occasion is still one that’s worthy of celebration and we’ll definitely have a proper podcast navel gaze over what we’ve done (or how little) within the last half of the of the PPR decade thus far.

Join us on your Sunday, May 25th at 10 AM Pacific standard time, and watch me begrudgingly play Alien Soldier as a tribute to where we’ve gotten now (you can also watch it here), thanks to listeners, readers, and now watchers like you. While this isn’t an officially sanctioned drive, we’d love for you to donate to Extra Life while I party down in all of my misery.

Seriously though, the countless nights of editing, writing, laughing, and crying would not have been possible without you guys—I’m sincerely grateful for everyone who has supported us, and yes; T-shirts and posters will finally hit the store in stock later this week. I’m truly blessed to have PPR, all of us here are, and it’s all thanks to you lovable shmucks.