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PPR Presents Play Play: Tembo The Badass Elephant

elieve it or not, the titles that Game Freak develops that aren’t a Pokémon title, truly are the bizarre, and weird ones from their wheel house. Whether it’s an digital electric hero, or a drill happy jewel thief, the move-right-and-jump variety of games they release are just plain strange.

Like a militarized mercenary elephant with a chip on his shoulder, and we’re talking like, some shades of PTSD; like, what?

Published by Sega, we have Tembo The Badass Elephant, and he’s been tasked to take out some purple terrorist dudes, and George and Stevie are going to help lead the charge, and see if the game lives up to the studio lives up to the pedigree of the previous side-scrollers they’ve released.

Spoiler; George doesn’t think so, and Stevie tries to play the straight man in this latest Play Play.

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