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Press Pause Video-Episode 01: Metroidvania 

he guys have gone Video! Every other week, we plan on sitting down and essentially recording mini-podcasts in the vein of Press Pause Radio, only with visual aids and other horseshit of the like. The inaugural topic of discussion has us breaking down the meaning and association of one of George’s favorite distinctions that he loves to romanticize—Metroidvania.

What is it exactly, and why do we love it so much, and why does the label seem so arbitrary in the grand scheme of things in today’s gaming landscape; Andrew, Ser, and George sit down to chew that fat.

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About five years ago, the world was introduced to the wonderful vision of Phil Fish’s flatland-inspired, pixel dream world starring a marshmallow-like man named Gomez, and featuring his defiance of two-dimensional physics. Time moved on, and through troubled development, FEZ rose from the ashes of irrelevance and finally made its way to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. With conclusive play on the finished product, the overview of FEZ is as mixed as all of the different camera perspectives you’ll encounter.

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On this very special episode of Press Pause Radio, we cover all the sites and sounds from GDC 2012. GeorgieBoysAXE returns from his first (possibly last) visit to the Game Developers Conference and describes his adventures to us all. The second half of the episode is exclusive interviews with developers on the show floor, as they discuss some of the best games set to release this year. Please enjoy this very special episode, and come right back in a few weeks as we gear up to invade Boston for PAX East 2012. Thanks for listening!

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GDC 12: Indie Game The Movie Impressions

On Monday night, GDC attendees had the opportunity to get a free screening of Indie Game: The Movie. The film sets to encapsulate the experience of three different indie developers and their struggles they face in their craft of game development. The movie hasn’t seen commercial release yet, but it should be on everyone’s radar. Behind the all of the tropes one would associate with a documentary and their exaggerated portrayals, Indie Game: The Movie sets out to show you every gut wrenching moment and it may just even touch your heart.

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GDC 12: Hands-on preview of FEZ

As I stumble through the doors being frisked by weary bouncers, I find myself standing in the middle of the DNA Lounge. It is here that 8bitSF is throwing their POW event, where indie developers mingle and network at live show of various indie rock bands inspired by video game culture. As I just finished listening to The Glowing Stars set finish on stage, I turned my head and confirmed what was curiously in my peripheral. Low and behold, FEZ was available for play in a make shift kiosk where no one was playing it. This was an opportunity that spoke directly to me and on this wild ride; I was spoken to yet again on so many levels by little Gomez.

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