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Late to The Party: Fallout 3

ack in 2010, everyone here at Press Pause Radio came up with the idea of recording an episode where we would discuss what we all personally felt were the best games to have come out within that past decade. As challenging as that was for us, it was really fun topic for a show, but there was always one piece of feedback that came back at us and our lists every time the that episode is ever brought up; “why didn’t any of you guys include Fallout 3 on that list?”

Well, I don’t think anyone on the show had a terribly remarkable memory playing it during initial reflection, but it turned out that none of us had really played it enough when it came to giving it a fair assessment either.

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PPR 95

etter late than ever, something as trifling as a transition period and relocation won’t stop the voice of Press Pause Radio, (though admittedly, it’s been murder on our punctuality.) We’re here to discuss all of the highlights of the press events and announcements dropped at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

This episode dives into Holo-lens, Backwards-Compatibility, Fallout 4, Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros DLC, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III, and more; E3 was weirdly fun this year, maybe we might enjoy the next one like this? Who know, but just click the damn play button already, it’s a new Press Pause Radio!

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