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PPR 109

 am so happy that George is able to take the time to upload our podcasts on a regular basis, because I struggle with it every time I am tasked with the responsibility. Like, I had to spend some time just trying to find those pixilated letters that he uses at the start of his posts, and then could not figure out how to line it up right in the paragraph. So if you are a fan of those in your podcast feed, you will be very disappointed. Internet is hard work, you guys. (Don't worry, I got him covered when I can!-G.)

Speaking of hard work, clone systems at times can seem like a labor of love for the systems of the past. Most times, however they seem like they were churned out as a quick money making opportunity, devoid of any sort of time and care that made the original such a treasured piece of hardware. Our crew will dive into the recent wave of re-imagined gaming consoles, as well as controversy surrounding former Donkey Kong world record holders, a whole mess of Switch titles and newer releases such as Yakuza 6 and Far Cry 5.

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PPR 54

On this very special episode of Press Pause Radio, we talk about the dangers of video game addiction. What happens when one more game or one more level spirals out of control and destroys relationships, jobs and other activities out of the virtual world? The crew will discuss this topic and more with the most responsible and well-adjusted person they know, the one and only Ballsrog. The gang-star of video games sits in on this episode and raps with the group about Skyrim, Mass Effect and how fat and stupid Dustin is. I believe that we are all in agreement on the last point, especially Toast. Thanks for downloading and listening to the show, please be sure to rate and review on iTunes and Zune so we can afford to pay off Ballsrog. He said he was going to fix our Xbox for us, too. I hope he comes back with those soon, last time we saw him he was at some company...

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