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Mudprints Unboxes FHR - Stoneage Gamer Engine Block AV

ow does one get the best picture out of a non-cd Turbografx-16 or PC Engine? Stoneage Gamer might have the answer! In this epsiode of Mudprints unboxes, we take a look at the Engine Block AV from Stonage Gamer!


get the Engine Block AV! - http://www.stoneagegamer.com/engine-block-av-turbobooster.html

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Muprints Unboxes FHR: Powerbase Mini FM

any Sega Master System games released in the west have a cool hidden feature within them: FM Sound! But how do you unlock the potential in supported games? With none other than the Powerbase Mini FM from DB Electronics and Stone Age Gamer! How does it stack up?


Get the Powerbase Mini FM on Stoneage Gamer!

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