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PPR Presents Play Play: Dark Souls III

he Ringed City expansion just dropped for Dark Souls III, and it reminded us that we’re still hunting through the kingdom of Lothric for those tasty souls. Dark Souls III is considered to be the best of the best from Hidetaka Miyazaki, as it reinvents some of the familiar combat dynamics around the Blooborne engine in the framework of the Souls franchise into a sequel that still has players hooked on it to this day.

Andrew has made it no secret that he hates these types of games, but he said what the hell, and decided to pull up seat alongside Georgie, swinging around ancient blades against nightmare demons until they died—a lot.

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QCF: Dark Souls III

idetaka Miyazaki’s saga of “Souls” titles has left quite an impact upon the benchmark of action games, and the expectations held of its caliber—it’s almost inspired its own sort of sub-genre of gaming. With inspired contemporaries even garnering a modicum of success, it’s no wonder that Dark Souls III was announced so quickly, coming hot off the heels of From Software’s collaboration with Sony on the PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

Being as this is technically the fifth go-around, one has to think upon whether or not so many entries might potentially dilute the charm that make these games so exciting, and risk the danger of recycling familiar the same dynamics under a simple fresh coat of paint.

You’d be half right, but mostly wrong (don’t make me explain the math on that one, just read what I have to say) because while the familiarity of the venture is slightly fatiguing, the rush that the gameplay is famous for delivering is ever potent. Not to worry though; Dark Souls III has plenty of new features to really give this sequel the kick in you the ass that you wanted from it from the get go, and the adrenaline keeps freshness rolling from start to finish to boot.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 07/01/2015

he video game industry’s biggest event has come and gone, and in its wake, we’re all still a bit mystified from some of the announcements that went down (Shenmue III still has George shaken up a bit.) Before we go in-depth with our thoughts on E3 though, we figure that we would post up some of the trailers that showcased all of the upcoming goodness that the event unveiled.

Granted, there were far more trailers than what’s listed here (and you can catch them on YouTube page here) but for now, we’ll just throw up some trailers of some of the more high profile games announced during that faithful week—have fun, stay tuned for the E3 podcast that’s coming up around the bend.

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