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QCF: A Robot Named Fight

hat was once a niche sub-genre that was only romanticized by its rabid cult-following, has now gradually begun to spill into the mainstream of the independent video game scene—Metroidvania games are available on just about every system at this point, to the point where the style is bordering on stagnation.

In an intriguing twist, however, similar to the Nuzlocke challenges that have swept numerous play-throughs of the Pokémon series, the iconic games that pioneered the formula, like Super Metroid, and Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, are now getting modded with the “randomizer” treatment. This modification works to alter the order and location of key upgrades and items in their core game, forcing an entirely new Meta into the gameplay for players to tackle.

One developer by the name of Matt Bittner took notice of the trend, and took it upon himself to push the concept to an entirely different level; developing a Metroidvania adventure that would not only randomize items, upgrades, but the map layout itself, in a manner that’s similar to roguelike dungeon crawler titles. His efforts led to producing an ambitious pixelated tribute to the genre called A Robot Named Fight, releasing for Steam and Nintendo Switch, and while the release does make good on its premise, its execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

here aren’t too many examples of a celebratory games that’re loaded with a tribute tour through all the best hits that made you what you are quite like Mortal Kombat Kollection…well, actually—scratch that.

There are a SHIT load of titles that are like that, and yeah; MK Kollection is ok or whatever when it comes down to it.

Join Andrew and George as fight down memory lane and spill all the digitized blood that they can as they discuss the history of Mortal Kombat Kraze (see what we did there) and share their own thoughts and attachment to the franchise at the start of our special look at the classic crimson-soaked tournament brawler on PPR’s Play Play!

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