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QCF: Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jong for Nintendo Switch

e love ZeroDiv over here at Studio Mudprints. They have pretty much single-handedly made the Switch the best place for arcade shooting game action with a slew of digital and retail releases for a number of high profile mid-to-late nineties Psikyo arcade shmups. So it was kind of interesting to see something entirely different from ZeroDiv and Psikyo surface on the Nintendo eShop. After all, shooting games aren't the only titles Psikyo has done. One such game is Hot Gimmick: Cosplay Jong for Nintendo Switch (heretofore known simply as Hot Gimmick 'cause who has time to write all that?) a 1997 arcade Mahjong game with a decidedly Psikyo Twist.

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The Wii U: Two Weeks Later

Well known freelance artist and internet color commentator Bill Mudron, has recently coined  quote, “Nintendo is making silent film-era games in a stereo/Technicolor world” and  it got me thinking, just how much weight does this analogy hold? Today marks the fourteenth day since North America was introduced to the Wii U, Nintendo’s new hope that represents so many different factors for both the Big N and a reflection of the video game industry as of late; a desire to possibly experience the prospect of playing video games with the ideals of the next generation.

The stalwart box of fun also symbolizes Nintendo’s intent to embrace the age of tech and online functionality, an exploit they’ve neglected for so long in the very industry they once helped pioneer back into relevance.  The last two weeks with the machine has given ample opportunity for me to gauge an impression of what was delivered to us and analyzing the end result of what pushed me and so many other to plunk down over $350 and some change for.

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