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QCF: Child of Light

he philosophy to telling a good fairy tale carries a specific ingredient for success that will always remain consistent to the process, no matter what the subject matter may be; imagination—just how much mileage does it stretch out of the minds of all who give the fable the time of day. The humble beginnings of a fairytale can make all the difference between merely entertaining you, to completely transporting you to completely different world entirely, and even when it’s all done, you’ll never exactly be the same ever again.

Ubisoft hit this nail square on with Child of Light, and it took everything within me to rip myself away from one of the most enchanting worlds I’ve been to in the last ten years, and I do this just so that I can share with you all, how incredible this unassumingly brilliant title really is.

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Press Pause Radio at PAX East 2014!

’m exhausted, I think my feet hurt in ways they never have before and my back feels the Iron Sheik just finished giving me an hour long camel clutch, and yet; every bit of it has been more than worth it.

I invite over Ballsrog and Corey from the Nerdsync crew, and our good buddy Seth Macy to gather around, and talk about all of the sights, attractions, and news to come out of this year’s PAX East. The topics range anywhere from shitty movie references, Evolve, PAX South, Shovel Knight, The Taste of Maine, Child of Light, Indie Mega Booth, Wild Star, and much more; give it a listen and vicariously enjoy the splendor of PAX East that we did since because we’re assholes.

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