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QCF: We Happy Few

fter multiple showcases at conventions, and a buzzworthy trailer debut during Microsoft’s keynote at E3 that was soon followed by a number of delays, We Happy Few has finally out on store shelves. Not only did the latest first-person narrative adventure from Compulsion Games have some lofty expectations to live up to, but it also had to stand out within a year that had so many high-pedigree releases like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and so many more.

Regardless of the imposing odds that lay before it though, We Happy Few, unfortunately, falls under the weight of its own ambitions, and quickly devolves into one of the worst releases seen in 2018.

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QCF: City of Brass

This review was freelanced by Jon McAnally. You can find more reviews and articles written by hiim over at https://dontfeedthegamers.com/author/jonmcanally/Follow me on the Twitterverse @McAnallyJon

pon first hearing of Uppercut Games’ first-person title, City of Brass, I was intrigued as to what Bioshock veterans could bring to the roguelite genre. Add that to the part of me that is desperately awaiting a new Prince of Persia title, and you can understand why I was pretty excited. After getting my hands on it, I wasn’t disappointed; at least, not completely.

City of Brass heavily pulls from the Arabian Nights stylizations. It’s very apparent even in the title’s logo that this game is set in the dark ages of the Middle East, and brings all the mystical Persian Empire-esque wonder with it. Desert sands, scimitars, magic genies, and booby-trapped treasures litter the title in the best ways possible.

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PPR Games Club: Gone Home

ove is a lot of things, but rarely is it ever easy; especially when you’re a teenager. For our very first Games Club of 2014, we invite Shidoshi of EGM and The Morning Project fame to join us as we break down why Gone Home was one of the most influential games to release in 2013. We talk price, drop our opinion on just what kind of game it is, and of course; we spill into the territory of crazy theories and the possible weight they may hold to Kaitlin’s return.

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Also, we sit down and play through the experience from start to finish to highlight all of the opaque allusions of the Gone Home saga, grab your favorite snack and watch with us won’t you?

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QCF: Burial at Sea

ioshock Infinite was one of the best games to come out this year, but with new consoles launching and being overshadowed by the new Game of the Year favorite The Last of Us, some people may have forgotten what happened to Booker and Elizabeth towards the end of their adventure. To avoid any spoilers I won’t go into very much detail, but to put it bluntly Burial at Sea has a lot to live up to, and what better way to get people excited to go back to everyone’s favorite underwater kingdom…..Atlantis…Wait no…I mean Rapture.

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Life Through The Pixel Glass-05/09/2013

e’re nearing Press Pause Radio’s four year anniversary, yeah…we somehow have gotten away with doing what we do for four fucking years! Believe us when we say that we wouldn’t have traded it for the world, nor do we have any intention of stopping either! Therefore, while we’re doing more with video and other extracurricular content for PPR, we’re getting LTTPG back on course. Life through the Pixel Glass will press on (you missed it right?) and is here now to deliver some more cool shit around the web for y’all to enjoy.

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PPR Games Club: Bioshock Infinite

fter nearly three years, the wait is finally over; Bioshock Infinite is here and Press Pause Radio has finally gotten the chance to play it. Join us on this very special Games Club where we cover every detail of the game from beginning to end while sharing our own personal theories and conclusions throughout in one of our most ambitious Games Clubs yet. Be warned folks, we talk about some pretty risqué stuff like racial persecution, slavery, and string theory—shit gets real in the episode.

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QCF: BioShock Infinite

ioShock was one of those games that defined this generation. When I first played it more than six years ago, it was mind blowing. It was quite possibly the first game of the generation that set the benchmark for where games were heading in the future. BioShock Infinite is from the minds of the original team after the B-team took over for BioShock 2, and what Ken Levine and crew have achieved must be experienced by anyone who ever considered themselves a "gamer."

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GDC 2013: The Breakdown of Inciting Emotions Through Playing

motions are strong, depending on how they’re conveyed or felt; they can go on to be overwhelmingly powerful. Storytelling in games is evolving from using the artifice of genuine emotion to simply drive plot or narrative, and instead is gradually manifesting itself into a very real takeaway from direct interaction that’s piloted by the player, and solely on a script. Susan O’Connor of Writing Studio alongside Chuck Beaver of Electronic Arts take the stage at GDC 2013 and explain the finer points and fundamentals of writing within games that will flesh out what the player feels above anything else.

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