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QCF: Kirby Planet Robobot

ne of the more endearing qualities to Nintendo’s fuchsia-hued star warrior is his ability to reinvent himself in a way that’s fresh while maintaining a sense of familiarity that retains the franchise’s charm and appeal. Granted, a lot of the more innovative titles in the Kirby series are the unorthodox offshoots that focus around a certain gimmick, and het spherical hero’s platform ventures generally tend to play it safe, and expand off of what the Big N knows to already work

Kirby’s latest exploit on the 3DS however is an exception to that trend, and is easily the smoothest blend of old and new that I’ve taken in yet. Planet Robobot (trying saying that five times fast) throws the pink copy-cat into a mobile mech-suit, resulting in a twist that may just be just be the one of the most captivating directions that his side-scrolling affairs have taken in years.

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QCF: Star Fox Zero 

et's just get this out of the way before we get going: You know what the Wii U is? Yes, that's right, it's its own thing. As far as the gaming landscape these days goes, all you typically need to get the best gaming has to offer is either one of Sony's or Microsoft's gaming boxes and a PC. But what if you want something a little more lighthearted? A little different? Well, that's where the Wii U comes in.

And you really don’t get a Wii U unless you're both ready and willing to play games the way Nintendo envisions them. Oftentimes, that includes using the technology that they have based their system around; which in this case—that would be the Game Pad.

If you don’t like the idea of motion controls or tablet-style gameplay, then ignore this review, because you shouldn't have a Wii U to begin with. With all of that said, Nintendo still manages to irritate me quite a bit, but when it comes to Star Fox, nothing keeps me from my fix.

You may have seen various pieces from around the interwebs; specifically from larger publications which, for all intents and purposes, shall remain nameless—claiming that Star Fox Zero is nigh-unplayable, that there's just so much busted about the game that it's not worth even a casual glance. Well, you can all just relax already, because Star Fox Zero is good—very good, in fact. Maybe even great, but we'll have to look a little deeper to see if that's an adequate description of Nintendo's sixth (released) core entry to the series.

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QCF: Kirby's Rainbow Curse

hile Nintendo has been praised for introducing weird concepts for video games that actually manage to be innovative in design, the company tends to still play it safe when it comes to the expected conventions of their iconic properties and franchises.

There’s been one exception to that trend though, and it’s not from the Italian Plumber or Hylian Hero; it’s the bulbous pink glutton that we all know and love, and this time around, Kirby comes out rolling with the spiritual successor to his cult DS debut, Rainbow Curse—the most deceptively enjoyable title to have graced the Wii U yet.

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