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Bullet Heaven Mini, Episode 5 - Chain Blaster

ini. Mobile. Shmups. Welcome back to Bullet Heaven Mini!

The 3DS eShop's shmup numbers have grown considerably over the last year with quite a few notable titles. Shortly after Kokuga (episode M-2), Chain Blaster was released to the eShop worldwide. With elements reminiscent of Every Extend Extra (PSP) and E4 (XBLA), just how does Chain Blaster stack up?


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QCF: New Super Mario Bros. 2

If you came to me 22 years ago and told me I'd be second guessing the number one plumber in video games, I would have told you to fuck right off (in a much more polite, 8-year-old tone). Until very recently, I had always been a ridiculously faithful Mario fan -- especially as a child. I collected everything from posters and comics to pasta noodles (seriously). I even had a letter printed in the September 1991 issue of Adventures of Super Mario Bros. by Valiant Comics (which I'm searching for again, so contact me if you have it).

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QCF: Colors! 3D (App)

Nobody can deny how Mario Paint (or something like it) would have been an excellent addition to any Nintendo DS unit. Unfortunately, like many other concepts fueled by wishful thinking, it never happened.

Collecting Smiles, however, created the killer painting app we didn’t even know we wanted. Not only does Colors! 3D allow 3DS owners to (finally) doodle like crazy using touch screen controls, but offers legitimately talented artists an excellent avenue to create and display literal works of art.

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E3 2011 Impressions: Nintendo

Tuesday morning was quite a treat for audiences everywhere, as Nintendo's 2011 E3 conference kicked off with an orchestrated montage celebrating The Legend of Zelda and its 25th anniversary. With a bold and cheerful smile, Shigeru Miyamoto set foot on the stage, expressing how wonderful it was to share over 25 years of these memories with the entire world. With the assistance of his translator, he then discussed the significance and impact of music in the Zelda franchise, followed by claims that Skyward Sword -- Link's latest appearance on the Wii -- would be available during the holidays.

This was an exceptionally strong way for Nintendo to lead off, but how solid was their overall conference? Did the big N offer us everything we expected them to this year, or did they unfortunately fall short?

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Quarter Circle Forward: Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D 

A logo shouting “DINOSAURS” caught my eye initially. The little kid inside me gave those puppy dog eyes and said, “BUY IT!” with a curled lip. Thirty seconds later forty bucks was deducted from my account and I was off with my first Nintendo 3DS game purchase.

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