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Life Through The Pixel Glass-02/28/2013

his week has followed one the biggest weeks of the month and quite possibly the year to boot. The gaming public was treated to the reveal of the PS4 followed with some sad news regarding 1UP and the passing of Kenji Eno; the illusionary master behind the D franchise and Enemy Zero. It’s been a lot of ups and downs sure, but if there’s one thing that agreeable with everyone is that we’re all just grateful to look forward to the future and see what it brings, especially March and all of the releases it’ll bring. We’re going to take a look at some cool shit to find on the web per usual out of LTTPG and we’ll encourage one last hurrah of memorial for our favorite blue and white website. Let’s get started shall we?

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How 1UP gave all of us an extra life

ast Thursday, ironically following the coattails of Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal and welcome to the gaming public, that very same public was then struck with some unceremoniously tragic news concerning the departure of a certain website. Recently, Ziff Davis Media purchased IGN and all of the properties/brands that were associated with it from News Corp., which soon lead to the almost too familiar and yet oddly poetic turn of misfortunate events to follow. This storm wasn’t just simply a layoff. No, it was a tempest that claimed the entire brand, and 1UP.com is nearing its end.

Where we’ve seen magazines come and go, and other major publications continuing to struggle despite certain consolidation measures taken with brands and editorial talent, 1UP was still among the few bastions of video game journalism that placed focus on the enthusiast and community aspects of the interactive medium. I have blog on 1UP still, though I never followed up with any proper blogs after doing some house cleaning on my page, I was grateful for the new home 1UP gave and kept busy there – Press Pause Radio. All of us here at PPR owe more than a debt of gratitude to the brand, and I’d like to take a moment to talk about why.

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PPR 71

an, a game with a floating disembodied old man head has our early vote for the next Game of The Year folks! You heard it here first! Oh and Sony did show off their latest console to help usher in the next generation for video games, the PlayStation 4. Among the talk we’ve got some emails with some late confessions, thoughts towards Aliens: Colonial Marines, and we share our condolences for our favorite game enthusiast/journalism and media website on the internet-1UP.com. Jeremy Parish and company continued the legacy after so many have left and we indulge on why 1UP was so important to all of us. Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well!

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