PPR @ Hal-Con - Cosplay Day 2

s expected, Saturday saw a huge outpouring of Cosplayers and attendees. So much that the fire marshal locked down the building. We almost didn't get in.

Saturday brought with it some of the most impressive cosplays we've ever seen. Apparently tbere were some impressive ones outside that were unfortunately turned away because of sold out tickets and overcrowding in the venue--I'm hoping they come back tomorrow.

But who wants to hear me ramble on when you could be looking at some sweet pictures?

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Bullet Heaven Mini, Episode 3 - 1942

ini. Mobile. Shmups. Welcome back to Bullet Heaven Mini! 

One of the earliest shmups to get me hooked in the Genre was 1942 on the NES. It later saw release on the Game Boy Color in 1999. How does it stack up...?

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PPR @ Hal-Con - The Cosplay of Day-1


ay one of Hal-Con has come to a close and while it seems that most of the bigger gaming items will be happening Saturday and Sunday that doesn't mean that day one didn't have anything to offer. As with almost any convention, there are bound to be Cosplayers. Hal-Con is no exception, especially with the presence of Yaya Han--a well known professional Cosplayer-- who could be seen walking around the main floor ocasionally.

And so, I'm here to bring you the Cosplayers of Hal-Con. Each day will feature a wide range of cosplayers from that day's outing! Let's get started!

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 11/08/13

his week on Now Showing shows off trailers of upcoming games that all share one thing in common—They gots all that humor for all you laughing types! The Stick of Truth shows off some sweet footage of gameplay and content for the first time to demonstrate just how synergetic it is with the show’s actual animation. The other two trailers are some indie darlings; Twisted Pixel dives into some live-action satire promoting the upcoming Lococyle, and Casual Brother puts together some B-roll with farts and stinks with their co-op multiplayer project, Orc Attack, enjoy you chuckle-hearty clods!

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QCF: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 1

hen I was but a young Toast, I was not really into fairytales. Perhaps it was because I was more comfortable watching Saturday morning cartoons than Disney films about princesses and happily ever afters. Maybe it was because I couldn't read and was extremely afraid of dwarves, but either way it just wasn't my cup of tea. That is why it is so surprising that now thanks to the world created by Bill Willingham and the team at Telltale Games, I enjoy fairytales and folklore the way they were meant to be experienced. A world not unlike our own, filled with mysteries, crime and wolves disguised in sheeps clothing. Scary and mean wolves that chain smoke as they walk down the neon-lit streets of New York City.

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QCF: Rune Factory 4

ou may think it impossible. You may think it absurd. You might think that you're dreaming. But I have, in fact, recently traded in my intergalactic space fighter (an ' 86 vintage Hyperion Sentoki Beta, if you must know) for a farm--Oh, and a sword (Well okay, maybe loaned out for the week.) Regardless, what I'm trying to get at here, in what can only be described as an ultimate oxymoron, is that I've been losing sleep by relaxing hardcore to a farm-sim--with dungeons.

I've never played a Harvest Moon game before, but I've watched literally dozens of them across various series, systems - and even generations--being played by Daeruna and of them all, the Rune Factory series is one that I felt most closely resonated with me. Recently, Rune Factory 4 was released to the 3DS and at the urging of a friend, I decided to check it out. At first, it was no big deal. “Oh cool, I got a hammer. Not I can bust up these rocks. Oh neat, a cheap axe to take away these tree stumps. OK, that woolly-sheepy thing dropped some fur worth seven gold” but, after investing an hour into Rune Factory 4? Oh boy, get ready.

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PPR Presents Extra Life 2013: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

e’re on a mission to lend our voices and minds to help the children in this year’s Extra Life Charity, and we need you. By watching us stream one of our favorite Legend of Zelda titles for 24 hours straight, we humbly ask for your donation towards the Children's Miracle Network for the kids of Central California.

On November 3rd, 2013, Press Pause Radio will be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's!

So here’s how you can help. Watch the stream here or on our Twitch page, and then visit us here on Extra Life and donate anything you can for the kids-- Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids, so help us get there folks. The more you donate, the more you dictate how George and the gang play so get in on this because not only will you be able to subject us to whatever you want in Wind Waker for 24 hours, it’ll all go to a great cause! Thank you, get started on donating and catch us here on Nov 3rd!

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QCF: Skylanders Swap Force

emember when you landed on those Card-playing mini-game spots that were scattered through various overworld maps in Super Mario Bros 3. that required you match three pieces of a Mushroom, Fire Flower, or Power Star? Yeah, and if you ever stopped the button press on the wrong piece to whatever you first choose, you would have this swapped abomination of Mario sin that awarded you nothing—Well, that’s the newest gimmick in the latest Skylanders entry.

A main entry into the franchise developed by Vicarious Visions entirely this time around, the Skylanders team is aware of Disney and Nintendo even are now dabbling in the toy craze that Activision and Toys for Bob have introduced to us back in 2011 and Skylanders has to do a little more than make them bigger. That’s where Swapforce comes in, the 2013 sequel encourages players to break the newest toys to join the line in half, and interchange them into different combinations.

While the notion of Portal Masters getting to play Frankenstein sounds like a promising one, the Pandora’s Box of seeking out and buying the new figures is starting to wear out its welcome, and it’s a shame too; considering all of the other improvements make it the best game yet otherwise.

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