QCF: Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants is a deceptive game; originally piloted by the notoriety of having Spyro’s name attached to the previous entry, this latest installment has made a name for itself within a little over 12 months. Say what you will, but Skylanders Giants is still a game and not just some commercial. To be fair, there’s no doubt that it cleverly implements an ulterior layer of marketing that would make most micro-transaction models found in any shameless MMO blush. Nevertheless what may be viewed as a string of money-hats is something that is, in reality, so much more. Underneath all the coy marketing lies a game that utilizes these initially unscrupulous concepts and turns them into one of the most charming pastimes in games today.

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PPR 66

The trio at Press Pause Radio are your special guides on this very spooky and scary journey as we discuss the history of the Castlevania series. We also will go into a heavy and sometimes heated conversation on the controversy that is currently circulating within games journalism. We also get the chance to finally catch up with your feedback as well as cover some big announcements for the site in the next few months. You don't want to miss this lengthy and important episode of Press Pause Radio. Tune in and make sure to hit the site afterwards for a massive amount of reviews that will be hitting very shortly.

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QCF: Hotline Miami

Today I snuck up on an unsuspecting goon, knocked him over with a door, got onto the floor and smashed his head in against the bright neon walls. Afterwards I picked up the nearest shotgun, emptied it onto a floor of ignorant baddies and knocked over the last guy by throwing my heavy weapon while his back was turned. And then his friend who I had forgot about came up behind my back and smashed my brain all over the floor with a baseball bat. After a couple more tries I succeed in killing every last scumbag and made my way to the next gripping and intense floor of mayhem. I do this not only because this just so happens to be some of the most well designed and fun combat I’ve played recently, but also because the telephone told me to.

This is Hotline Miami and I hope you’ve left your morals at the door.

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QCF: Dokuro

Two years ago, the indie puzzle-platformer Limbo mesmerized gamers with its stark black and white graphics, mind-bending puzzles, and unexpected amount of gore and child dismemberment. Everyone played the critically lauded, award winning game for its soundtrack, visuals and brilliant game design that was frustrating without ever feeling unfair as long as you were thinking hard enough. Apparently SOMEONE since then thought Limbo just wasn’t Japanese enough. And that guy made Dokuro.

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PPR Presents Indiedrome: Episode 1

I listen to a lot of game podcasts and despite the unique personalities and points of view you get over a wide swath of shows about games, eventually they all tend to run together. Game journos on podcasts like the Giant Bombcast and 1Up's Games Dammit will discuss the games they're playing, but they most often end up all talking about the same games. Everyone has to play their AAA titles and talk about them, because that's just what's popular. Occasionally they'll spend a little bit talking about an indie game if it's big enough like Braid or Super Meatboy, but for me it just wasn't enough.

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PPR Presents Lime Light: Gunlord

It’s been a while but Limelight is back! We’re going to stream the latest from NG.DEV.Team, the frantic, old-school inspired Gunlord for the Sega Dreamcast! Take one part Super Turrican, one part Magician Lord, a little bit of Metroid, and you’ve got some bat-shit insanity, ripe for streaming! Tune in around Saturday, October 27th, at 9:00 PM pacific time and join us in the chat on our Justin.TV account or settle in for the stream right here where George and Andrew get down on the get down and might have a couple of brews while they’re at it. 


QCF: Fable: The Journey

The Kinect is still a concept that’s fairly challenging to grasp. Since its release in 2010, developers have excitedly tasked themselves to produce compelling features that generate experiences involving full body motion unlike anything we’ve ever seen beyond the limitations of a tactile interface like a controller. The reality, however, is ironic in its own right. All of the restrictions Kinect enforces through strict regulated motions lack the access of multiple utilities of the very same interface it wishes to advance from, resulting in the production of a few successful titles from its integration, and some dreadful failures to match.

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QCF: The Walking Dead: Episode 4

With past choices and the terrible circumstances still fresh in their minds, the group of survivors are on a one way stop to a potential escape from the zombie hordes that pursue them.  However once their train arrives in Savannah, Georgia it is very clear that this ghost town is far from dead and some of its inhabitants do not want them to reach their destination. Once completing Episode Four of The Walking Dead, there will be more questions than answers however it blends great dialogue and storytelling mechanics with a better use of action scenes to set the mood perfectly as the finale to the first “season” approaches.

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