PPR Presents Play Play: Child of Light

t’s rare when a game with an attempt at being larger than life shows up out of the blue, and actually follows through with being just that; moments of play start blurring into a makings for an experience. George believed that when he initially reviewed Child of Light, and took it up on himself to show the rest of the crew what exactly they were missing out on. Ser shares his trademark cynicism, Ren can’t stop saying the word pretty, and Toast is mostly won over, but do you fight dragons? All this and more on the latest Play Play—be warned though, the footage of Child of Light may spoil certain story moments so viewer discretion is advised.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 101 - R-Type Dimensions

-Type has been around for ages and has several sequels and spinoffs under its belt as a series. Originally seeing release in 1987, R-Type and its 1989 sequel R-Type II would see release in HD as R-Type Dimensions in 2009 on the Xbox 360. On May 20, 2014 it finally made its way to the PS3... but how does it stack up? 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 100 - Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

pisode 100 has finally happened, and we're taking a look at the legendary Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire for the PC Engine. With the awesome Arcade Card backing it up, how does Sapphire stack up??



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Bullet Heaven, Episode 99 - Gunhound EX

e love our mecha-based run-and-gunners here on Bullet Heaven, and while Gigantic Army was well and good, we always had deep, tearful feelings for Gunhound EX, but she'd always been just out of our grasp. Thankfully, Playism (Active Gaming Media) has brought this fast-paced, super polished shooter west... but how does it stack up?

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QCF: The Last Federation

hat’s not to love about flying through space, fighting pirates and warlords, all while getting to decide which planets live or die? Taking command of the galaxy sounds pretty sweet. Arcen Games has created a visually pleasing, expansive simulation that allows even the most casual gamer to jump into space and rule the universe. There are a few missed marks along the way, but The Last Federation is a good base with lots of potential to improve with DLC.

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QCF: Full Bore

t’s refreshing to play a game that quite literally drops you into the wild and leaves you to your own devices after a relatively quick intro. The world exists on a 2D plane and you play as this little bore. You can move left, right, fall down, and climb adjacent blocks at 45-degree angles. The little bore can also tunnel through dirt and shove blocks around. As you explore you’ll meet the denizens of this underground world whom offer up subtle clues about the game play and the world they inhabit. To boil it all down you’re going to be collecting diamonds buried in the mine.

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QCF: Duck Game

ucks make everything better, there’s no denying it, cartoons, sound effects, sandwich meat, pets, efficient means disposing of expired bread, there’s no limit to how they can improve our way of life; shit, I mean have you guys seen Fly Away Home? That movie’s amazing!

Anyway, getting back on track, it was only a matter of time before a developer took it upon himself to give us the Duck Game we all deserved; it’s called Duck Game.

While most of you may cynically write it off as another local multiplayer Towerfall clone, I can assure you that it’s one of the best times I’ve had with the Ouya yet, and helps define just why the android console is the best indie sweetheart to go to the dance with.

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PPR Presents Our 5th year anniversary special: Alien Soldier for Extra Life

ou guys and gals want to hear something funny? Our fifth year anniversary is this Sunday, and we knew this day was coming sooner or later (well Andrew always said no fucking way to be fair.)

Moreover, though, on what I thought would be one of the most joyous occasions of my life, I’m going to stream my least favorite game of all God Damn time to earn money for the kiddos, while you lot of sickos entertain at my misery for 8 hours. The occasion is still one that’s worthy of celebration and we’ll definitely have a proper podcast navel gaze over what we’ve done (or how little) within the last half of the of the PPR decade thus far.

Join us on your Sunday, May 25th at 10 AM Pacific standard time, and watch me begrudgingly play Alien Soldier as a tribute to where we’ve gotten now (you can also watch it here), thanks to listeners, readers, and now watchers like you. While this isn’t an officially sanctioned drive, we’d love for you to donate to Extra Life while I party down in all of my misery.

Seriously though, the countless nights of editing, writing, laughing, and crying would not have been possible without you guys—I’m sincerely grateful for everyone who has supported us, and yes; T-shirts and posters will finally hit the store in stock later this week. I’m truly blessed to have PPR, all of us here are, and it’s all thanks to you lovable shmucks.

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