Press Pause Radio Meet Up at PAX Prime 2014!

nother year, another trip to some far off, mystical, big city that’s playing host to one of the most anticipated events in video games today; PAX Prime. We’ll be doing the usual coverage and sorts sure, but this year, after we’re with working hard—we want to play hard.

Shit, no, wait…

That sounded weird didn’t it? Whatever, don’t make a case out of it or anything!

Anyway, after all the bouts of scrambling from appointment to appointment, rendering video, and all of the other nonsense, Ser and I are going to saddle up at the Gameworks down the street with some friends, and we’re inviting YOU to join us!

The address is 1511 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, and the time is 8:30 PM, Saturday night. We’ll be drinking, laughing, playing arcade games, and any tabletop games any of you want to bring, along with a sneak peak at Shark & Shark’s Kickstarter project, Flocks and Flyways (you guys should totally back it too!)

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys there! Stay tuned to the site for our coverage too, because, we’ll be doing it, and stuff.

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Oh My Darling Clementine-a TWDS2 retrospective series: All That Remains

014 has just been a busy year for game releases; it’s honestly been difficult to not just cover everything in games that’s happened this year—but to even cover all of the things that we wanted to cover on Press Pause Radio. Surprisingly, one of those very games was The Walking Dead Season 2. The perfect storm of circumstance and time constraints just pushed into a corner where we missed the train on properly reviewing for you guys and gals; so simply put, we decided not to.

I was able to catch up when the second episode released, but by that time, it just would have journalistically made sense from a practical standpoint to try and cram any catch up for critique by marathoning an impromptu “poop-sock” session of the game. It would have been a disservice to our follower base, so we ultimately decided to omit it; maybe cover it a different way instead when afforded the opportunity.

And Well…I just personally just reached the end of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, a play-through that carried on all of the choices of the previous seasons, and groomed for all of the emotionally strenuous decisions that I have make, and reflecting at the end of it, I can honestly say this.

I was truly unprepared for what I had signed up for when I took the responsibility of continuing Clementine’s story, and despite some reservations of some particular moments along the way, it all came full circle in the end, and manage to tear down any disappointment I may have had about the ride when it was all said and done. This will be the first of a five post series where I’ll be sharing my opinions on each individual episode in detail because there’s just too much to gloss over to just summarize the entire Season in one post—I hope the project will be as cathartic for you as it will be for me. Oh, and if wasn’t obvious already, this editorial series will spoil the shit out of some major plot details and events from the beginning to the very end of The Walking Dead: Season 2, so read with caution or come back when you’re done—take your time too, no rush.

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PPR 88

his week, we talk about Twitch, no, not the actual act of twitching, or convulsing, or anything like that (go see a doctor folks if you're experiencing any of that on the reg by the by.) The conversation covers all the areas worth noting like monetization, new security implementation, online narcissism, and the whole platform just getting too damn big for its own britches.

Among other things, Andrew and George preach what the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and what it SHOULD be about when you do it, along with the Burger King Kids Club, Captain Planet, Pauley Shore’s Son-in-Law, and fucking Bible Man of all things because when do we ever have a handle on things?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 109 - Redux: Dark Matters

he Summer Dreams Block has concluded!

In this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at the 2014 update to episode 97's DUX 1.1/1.1, the kickstarter-funded Redux: Dark Matters! But this game has a crippling flaw... how does it stack up??  


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Late To The Party: Bravely Default

et’s face it; we’ve reached a point where the cynical, yet-unavoidable truth concerning the relevancy of the JRPG couldn’t nearly deafen the opposing dissention to the contrary anymore like it has in 2014. Every new batch of titles that are hazardously published by the brave publishers who endorse them continue to dangerously escalate the degree of pandering we've slowly come to expect over the years. The same monotonous exercise of tired conventions and obnoxiously antiquated visual designs that do very little, or nothing, to break the repeating slump of circle-jerking that’s been plaguing the genre for the better part of ten years.

Sure there are the few exceptions that break out of the trappings of the stale mold that’s been defining the type. Lost Odyssey and Valkyria Chronicles are just a few worth naming and they have truly reinvigorated the same sense of charm and phantasm that the JRPG label once held, but these gems were few and far between the frequency of sub-par titles, and even garbage contemporaries released, within entire generations worth of time it seems.

That’s why it’s uplifting that Square-Enix, the arguabley, the giant of JRPG distribution that’s also seen its fair share of criticism for contributing the stigma associated with this kind of game, but then, there are moments like Bravely Default, that can surprise us all. Not only does Bravely Default stand as one of most criminally underrated champions for JRPGs at the moment, but it's easily one of the best games released in 2014 period.

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QCF: Micromon

hen you think of household names in video games today, what are some of the games that immediately come to mind? Just to name a few universally recognized ones, there’s Call of Duty, Super Mario, and even what most moms across the world have affectionately referred to as “that weird Mine game with crafting.” However, there’s still one going strong; Pokémon, and while many of its contemporaries have challenged and it failed—one indie studio went a different way, and flattered the hell out of it in their game, and on a format that Nintendo openly displayed cold feet towards venturing in no less.

Micromon from Moga Studios blurs the line between love letter and thievery, but it fills it satisfies a very specific appetite of that monster-raising/battle adventure that mobile gamers have hungered for, and to its credit, Micromon actually does it quite well.

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QCF: Super Comboman

ost platformers seem to follow a basic structure when it comes to simple implementations like control and level flow. Sometimes as an audience however, we are treated to subversions in the stereotypical platforming mechanics, and Super Comboman would be one of those unique times. 

A successful Kickstarter project from 2012, Super Comboman is a game that aims to mix beat 'em up combat with a distinct platforming feel. As you can tell from the outside, these are two extremely different ideals to marry—Ideals that unfortunately however may just be let down by the rest of its parts. 

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PPR Presents Play Play: Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter

eiji Inafune has his hands pretty full living when it comes to living the dream. Dude’s essentially been able to carry on the spirit of his beloved Blue Bomber through the likes of still developing Mighty No.9 and the upcoming arrival of his other project, Azure Striker Gunvolt, next week—both have an avoidably bright glow of aromatization for Classic Mega Man in numerous ways.

The writing on the wall has been pretty clear that Mega Man isn’t a priority at the moment for Capcom, and while fans eagerly play these spiritual successors, one has to wonder about the fate of another Mega Man franchise that’s strangely been absent in recent years; Mega Man X.

Gil and George discuss these things, Dragon Ball Z, and more nonsense as they check out the penultimate game of the series for this latest Play Play—Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter.

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