QCF: Fairy Fencer F

t's nice to see NIS bounce back from the edge of financial ruin like it has. Rumor has it that the Japanese RPG developer was certain to lose its doors for good, barring the success of Disgaea 4.

Thankfully, this wasn't the case, and we've seen some great offerings lately for our troubles, and respectively theirs. From the awesome Witch and the Hundred Knight, to the fan-favorite Danganronpa, and the recently-remade Neptunia Re:Birth 1. With so many games spewing forth from NIS recently however, there's bound to be some overlap, and Compile Heart's Fairy Fencer F is a perfect example.

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PPR Presents Extra Life 2014: Final Fantasy III

t’s that time of year again, and as we gradually approach the holidays, it’s important to remember that this season isn’t easy for everyone, especially children with health issues. So, with that said, Press Pause Radio is proud to be part of the annual Extra Life charity event for 2014.

We’re on a mission to lend our voices and minds to help the children in this year’s Extra Life Charity, and we need you. By tuning in, and watching us stream one of the most classic RPG’s of all time, Final Fantasy III on the SNES, for 24 hours straight. We humbly ask for your donation towards the Children's Hospital of Central California.

On October 25th, 2014, Press Pause Radio will be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's!

So here’s how you can help. Watch the stream here or on our Twitch page, and then visit us here on Extra Life and donate anything you can for the kids—your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids, so help us get there folks. The more you donate, the more leverage you get for any stupid, dumb, (but reasonable) you might have for George to do in, or out of Final Fantasy III, for 24 hours. Again, any help that you’re willing to donate is greatly appreciated, and will all go to a great cause! Thank you, get started on donating and catch us here on Oct. 25th!


QCF: Disney Infinity 2.0

t was only a matter of time before a publisher decided to get their own piece of the action off of the Skylander toy trend, at least while it was still hot, and what a publisher it was; Disney Interactive Studios. The mere notion of a collectible toy-hybrid video game that would cast a ton of well-established, beloved characters from all across the various Disney properties sounded like a guaranteed recipe for success, that would give Activision a run for their money in this niche little market they carved out for themselves, and then some.

The reality of the situation however, was much different; Disney Infinity was more of a whimper than a bang.

The game still gained enough ground to earn a somewhat of a sustainable ground with consumers, as it the supposed “sandbox” adventure game had a loyal following, and by that merit, Disney went to task at the Infinity endeavor once again.

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QCF: Styx: Master of Shadows

emember when Assassin’s Creed was marketed towards the thrill of eliminating your foes from the shadows? Sneaking to every target, stealthily moving around as if you were invisible to the naked eye, allowing your enemies only a second of reaction to your presence before it was too late for them to do anything about it—yeah, after seven years running, that shit is practically gone now.

Honestly, aside from the exception of Ground Zeroes, third-person stealth affairs are barely even a thing in games now, but before all hope of finding that great new game of “killing them softly” was lost, along came a little title by the name of Styx: Master of Shadows.

Now, mind you, the last time I loaded in software that was developed by Cyanide Studio, it was that licensed Game of Thrones game back in 2012; so yeah, my hopes were significantly tempered at first impression. It wasn’t long until after I metastasized a gross little clone doppelganger of myself, only so that I could send it running off, distracting all the meddlesome guards in my way as a decoy, that I realized, second chances are real, and this Next-Gen stealth adventure is living proof.

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QCF: Super Smash Bros for 3DS

hen a name becomes more and more distinguished over time like Super Smash Bros has, the occasional fumble or two can easily be overlooked, like it never even happened at all; and at the Chagrin of Super Smash Bros Brawl, the expectations for the latest sequels to bear the Smash name have never been higher.

While the 3DS version out of the pair of new games, has quickly gotten the label of being the B-choice release, the experience it has to offer is by no means the case. Everything that’s been jam packed into this port is very much faithful to those very same lofty expectations I mentioned earlier, and dare I say, Super Smash Bros for 3DS went on even further to surpass them.

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PPR Presents Play Play: Crypt of Necrodancer 

onestly, I have to admit, it’s been too long since I unfolded the crinkley, vinyl mess of dance pad that I use to kick and stomp on during the pre-Guitar Hero days that Dance Dance Revolution ruled the block. I just couldn’t say no to the idea of crawling through dozens of dungeon floors through the sole use of sweet footwork on the mat—I have Brace Yourself Games to thank for that, with the their up and coming title, Crypt of The Necrodancer.

This Play Play is a little different, I decided what better way to showcase just how ridiculously awesome this whole thing really is, than to giving you all an inside-look on the slick moves being done by yours truly, via split screen. Check it out, and if you like what you see, you can buy the game on Steam Early Access!

Mail us at our new email Mailbag@presspauseradio.com, leave a voicemail at 469-PPR-TALK, and be sure to stop by at our Forums if you haven’t already registered and post your thoughts about the show. Finally, make sure to rate and subscribe to us on iTunes and YouTube, follow us on Twitch page and Twitter, and finally take part in our Facebook and Steam group!


QCF: Alien: Isolation

hen done right, playing a scary video game that manages to be legitimately unsettling, can trigger an entirely different dimension of fear that other forms of media will never be able to emulate, and that even goes for film. Agency is no longer a power struggle, but now a will to survive, and every action has an entirely different weight behind it’s consequence than a mere failure—the test of nerve under these settings can be maddening for some; if the impact is there of course, but in more recent years, it’s been lacking.

In a twist of strange coincidence, Ridley Scott’s Alien license within the realm of games have also been lacking, so it was only a matter of time before we would see the iconic Xenomorph return to its roots, and Sega’s efforts have never been so determined like they have with Alien: Isolation.

As far as scares and anxiety go, Alien Isolation gets the job done, and does it with gusto; but while it's certainly effective with the space frights, this isn't a sensation that can carry an entire game into an experience that's worth playing, and much is the case with the latest endeavor of the Sci-Fi monster show.

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PPR Presents Burger Time: World Kitchen

e’ve been doing Press Pause Radio for a really long time, and within that time, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of things that were mere fantasies in my teenage youth, and I couldn’t be happier—but I’m hungry, and I think it’s high time I try to chase another fantasy of mine.

The culmination of Ser earning the number one spot on Raiden Fighters Jet’s Global Leaderboards, and my time with King of Kong has moved me into chasing towards my own spot in the superfluous echelon of holding a world record high score in a video game—and that games is one of my personal favorites, Burger Time.

The top 6 best scores of the world is currently curated on Twin Galaxies, with the top ranking score clocking in at 2,078,500 by a Mr. Matthew Grimm, while the bottom of the list sits at 7,800, belonging to Geoffrey Lin. For the next sixty days, I’m going stream a weekly attempt on Thursday night around 8:30 PM or so, and essentially strive to either take the top spot, or at the very least, try to beat out one of the remaining five scores for their spot among the list.

So naturally, I figured that this would make for an ideal feature for Press Pause Radio, where I could stream my efforts, and then chronicle the results of my crack at the score, making notes of what did or didn’t work in hopes that I’ll do better for the next run. So there you have it, I hope to have you guys cheer me on and watch from the comfort of Twitch, or troll on the whole thing all together, I don’t really give a shit as long as you guys sit back and watch!