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Press Pause Radio returns for another round with episode 20! Did you miss us? On this episode, the PPR World Warriors discuss the fighting game genre from it's humble beginnings to it's current success. With the decline of the American arcade scene in the late 90's, fighting games began to decline in popularity as well. We will discuss this in detail throughout the show, and speculate on the great future that is in store for all joystick mashers. Ser discusses the top five fighting games that have been sadly overlooked and will also review his favorite fighting game of all time. Reviews and comments are always appreciated, on iTunes or on our website. Hadouken!

PPR Episode 20


Press Pause Radio Top 5 Megaman weapons!

Been a While since I've found the time to post one of these up yeah? So GeorgieboysAXE here & My Top 5 List for Press Pause Radio episode #19 was the Top 5 Megaman Weapons that you can aquire through out the last 10 titles (from the Classic series & no spin-offs) so with out further wait let's start off the list, but wait, before we do that. Press Pause Radio now has a Top 5 section within our forums to where you can add your own thoughts to it & post up your list & choices so go register if you haven't already or go log in if you have & post post post at

5) Black Hole Bomb

A power unlike any other acquired from Galaxy Man in Megaman 9, the Black Hole Bomb allows you the ability to take out nearly all enemies mid-sized & below in one fowl swoop! along with the Flame Dragon's weakness, this power if used right will make life much much easier in Megaman 9. in areas where there constant respawns of enemies, (the Pipe cleaner floaters mostly) busting out a Black Hole Bomb in the the right spot will allow for all of them to be destroyed giving you the opportunity for them to drop supplies such as Health & Weapon Energy to keep the Black Hole Bombing on as well as micro managing grabs to share amongst the other powers that have used, with the helpful ability of aiming the weapon & having some distance giving you the edge of attacking fiercely from a safe distance, you'll use this power a lot.

4) Gemini Laser

Gemini laser acquired from the Odd mirror imaging robot master Gemini Man from Megaman 3 gives you a sense of strategy from using it in the right environment & method yet again being as the Gemini Laser gives you two main tactical advantages of being able to to take out multiple enemies as it is not absorbed into the direct hit one enemy (granted again as long as the enemy is mid-sized & below) & the laser recoils against walls at angles giving it the opportunity of allowing you to take out enemies above you before they even notice your presence as well as also allowing for some lucky outcomes if you even just decide to fuck around with it for a bit, definitely a common used ability within Megaman 3.

3) Skull Barrier

So long since the debut of Leaf Shield from Woodman in Megaman 2, we;ve had variations of shield powers with Megaman & I have a strange affinity for these powers as I find myself using them a lot during platforming segments but other then Jewel Satellite from Megaman 9, I always found myself using this shield weapon out of all of the ones I have experience sticking with the megaman series, this being as with most all shield they either have a time frame of how long they are active or they will they can be shot forward by megaman if the fire button is pressed again however with the Skull Barrier, this shield will remain active until you shoot it forward with the fire button & instead of the time frame it'll slowly drain your weapon energy until there is no points left to drain which can give you a huge advantage during platform segments where there are enemies that will rise up from the bottomless pit to attack at you or enemies above dropping off projectiles & what have you to fuck your life. Skull Barrier gets the win from Megaman 4.
2) Strike Ball

I know what most of you are thinking being as I have in way just pulled a "Game Informer" with inducting a power into best all-time list of all time with a power from the newest entry of the Megaman series Megaman 10 & it's less than a year old. The Strike Ball being acquired from Strike Man in Megaman 10 again has stuck out for me as opposed to the other weapons within the game. the same feeling I incite from Gemini Man, the Strike Ball gives a tactical advantage within traversing through Megaman stages that you didn't have before, even though the Strike Ball can't go through multiple enemies like the Gemini Laser can, it does have the ability to be arced upwards or downwards before firing therefore giving much more control over the shot & not needing to be so dependent on you environment to arc the shot, therefore you can do some damage with a few shots & go cause Bouncy mayhem!

1) Metal Blade

Ok So in a way I'm sure this was seen a mile away but can you blame me? with Metal Blade you have a powerful, rapid fire weapon that can rapidly fired akin to the mega buster & aimed multi-directionally? also with a near infinite amount of use being as Metal Blade can go on for days it's no wonder Capcom Nerfed it when re releasing Megaman 2 as part of the Megaman Anniversary collection, the sheer power this weapon gives you should give you this feeling of empowerment knowing that you truly have something to mow down enemies with at incredible speed & power. This Weapon is so bad ass that the Robot Master it comes from from being Metal Man from Megaman 2 is even weak to....his own fucking power, meaning that it's too powerful really to be in anyone's hands...that's deep
So there's My Top 5, & again you can post thoughts or feed back, replies & whatever the hell else might have you at any of our pages online as well as the new section for Top 5 on our Forums only found at & also keep in touch as Press Pause Radio will have Voice Mail soon where you can leave a message on the Show & we'll play it on there! stay tuned ya lovable listeners you!


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We continue our retrospective on all things Mega Man on episode 19 of Press Pause Radio. Paco could not be with us for part 2, so our hosts bravely explore the unknown and discuss the spinoffs and newly released titles in the Mega Man franchise.

GeorgieboysAXE has a double shot of the Blue Bomber, as he shares his Top Five Mega Man powers, and a Quarter Circle Forward review of Mega Man 10. Discussion about this show and more can be found on our forums, or at Rate or review us on iTunes as well, we appreciate all of your feedback.

 Also please check out our good friend's Youtube page. It has the official Press Pause Radio seal of approval (patent pending).

PPR Episode 19


PPR 18


So Starting off the first part of our special retrospective on The Blue Bomber himself! some how this episode ended talking more about Final Fantasy XIII instead but we definitely cover the roots & personal opinions of the Blue Bomber as well set the stage for Episode#19! until then check out part one of the Megaman Retrospective!, Toast has got the Top 5 this week along with QCF & please if you can please review us on iTunes & do to it!

Episode#18 You got Grouchy ranting nerd!

PPR Episode 18


PPR Top Five: Top Five Xbox Live Arcade Games


     Hello Internets, this is Toast and this week's Top Five are the five best Xbox Live Arcade games. These five downloadable titles are in my opinion the best games that you can find on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Have a game that was not mentioned? Is your top five similar to this list, or completely different? Head on over to our forums and discuss which games you would have added to the list. Without further ado, here are the top five.


5. Splosion Man

     This is a fun and challenging puzzle platformer released during the Summer of Arcade, which seems to be when the best Arcade titles are released. Splosion Man is no exception to this rule, with it's emphasis on completing levels effectively and in as little time as possible. This game offers a single and co-op experience, as well as perhaps one of the best songs to ever come out of a video game.


4. Trials HD


     As previously mentioned on this very website, I was late to discover Trials HD and since downloading the title I have falling completely over the edge (no pun intended). Trials HD may seem like a racing game or perhaps a better looking version of Excitebike, however nothing could be further from the truth. The combination of insane physics and massive amounts of stages and events to complete make this title a must own.



3. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2


     Picking up from where the original Geometry Wars left off, Retro Evolved 2 has all of the dual stick shooting greatness as well as new game modes and an emphasis on besting your Xbox Live friends. The fact that the person who has a higher ranking on your friends list always has his or her score mocking you from the top of the screen is ingenious, and prolongs the replay value. The action is intense and sometimes extremely hectic, with beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack.



2. Castle Crashers


     The perfect party game! This is The Behemoth at their absolute best, and is simply a game that everyone must own. The cartoon beat em up can be played with three of your closest friends, and has tons of unlockables. The DLC is very inexpensive as well, and is worth the price of admission and then some. I just hope the 360 version will receive the volleyball mini-game that the upcoming Playstation Network port will have, but I doubt it.



1. Shadow Complex


     Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid are two of the most well known and loved games to ever be released. The game play is well known, and has hardly been duplicated since their releases. That is, until Shadow Complex was introduced to the world last summer. The controls and mechanics of the game are perfect, and in my opinion makes Shadow Complex the next evolution of the "Metroid-vania" style of gameplay. 



Quarter Circle Forward 02/28- DemonHunter P!

Today I would like to review two cool game apps on the iphone. I will review taiko no tatsujin from the japan app store and galaga remix. Both games cost $2.99 I am not comparing the two because they are both totally different games.
Now taiko no tatsujin is one of the greatest rhythm games you can ever find for your system. Im a big fan and always enjoy playing the game the only one I didn’t enjoy as much was the American version of taiko drum master. But that’s besides the point now on the iphone I was lucky I found it. And when I did find it I had to have it. First of all to unlock all the difficulties you need to beat every song one by one and then you can move onto medium then when you beat medium you can move to hard mode and so on. The only bad thing about this game is that there is only 10 songs and that it so not too hard to beat this game. One of my favorite song on here and also a very difficult one is the neon genesis evangelion theme song the I think its called the cruel angels thesis. The rest of the songs are common japan favorites some jpop and some video game music . Another thing I enjoy about this is that there is a way to post and share your high score online through twitter but the game Is still all in Japanese but the game play is simple and same as the ds version. And lots of fun also 2.99 is a fair price for this game Taiko Ten songs only and no dlc but you can twitter your high score.

And now for galaga remix this app is also $2.99 and I think a great buy for those who are fans of the original. In this copy of the game they have made a hd version and a original and both keeping the original sounds effects and music . you cant really button mash but its can play the game horizontal or vertical. This game is also available as a free demo so if you are unsure if you want to buy this for $2.99. But I do believe that this is a good buy for that retro gamer or that classic game collector. Some one told me about the triple ship but Im not that skilled to do that stuff.Very fun game to have on iphone must have.
Galaga 2.99
Classic and remix

PPR 17

Looking for Stadium Events? We've got it here in this episode of Press Pause Radio, and it won't cost you $13,000. This week the crew minus one chair discuss sex in video games. With maturity in video games becoming more of a hot topic these days, Press Pause Radio will consider the reasons why sex should or should not be in our favorite form of interactive media. The group will also discuss Nintendo news, and Paco shares with us his top five controllers and his Quarter Circle Forward review of Taiko Drum Master and Galaga Remixed on the iPhone.  Reviews and comments on iTunes are greatly appreciated, and help us attract more listeners. Thanks and enjoy the podcast!

"They call me Hadouken because I'm down right fierce! Ohhhhh, where the ladies at?" -GeorgieboysAXE

PPR Episode 17


PPR 16

On this episode of Press Pause Radio, we discuss the legacy of niche publisher Working Designs and their impact on companies today. Atlus is well known for their popular Persona series as well as the Shin Megami Tensei brand, and releasing their games with game soundtracks and other goodies. The crew discusses the similarities between the two companies, and speculate on the future of Working Designs' former boss Victor Ireland. Ser discusses his top five Wonderswan titles, as well as discussing his Quarter Circle Forward review. As always, feedback via the website or on iTunes is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

PPR Episode 16