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We are back from our month long vacation, hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far. Episode 24 of Press Pause Radio is officially on the air, where we discuss the hits and misses of this year's E3 conference. This lengthy episode will also include Georgie's Top Five E3 moments as well as the entire crew (sans Paco) expressing their undying love for Treasure's latest release, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. As always you can listen to the podcast from any of your preferred feeds, and follow us on almost every social network known to man. Reviews and comments on iTunes or Zune is greatly appreciated, and allows us to reach more people. Thanks for listening!

PPR Episode 24




Welcome back to the second part of my coverage on the Key conferences of E3 2010 & now we head on to the thoughts shared with Nintendo's presentation. Also before we continue I was asked recently as to why I didn't once touch on Halo Reach in the Microsoft  recap I did last night, I really saw nothing new or impressive & I love Halo but again as I mentioned with Metal Gear Solid Franchise, it needs to end before it becomes befallen with the same fate that Kingdom Hearts has embraced. So I'm not downing on Halo Reach, I just personally refuse to set myself for disappointment so I acknowledge what I I've seen is great but seeing it numerous times with very little change or enticement so instead, I've decided to be spontaneous with my enjoyment as I purchase on release but that's enough of that time to get back to the main subject at hand. Now I'm going to come out & say that I love Nintendo but I haven't looked forward to anything that Nintendo has presented at E3 since 2005...yeah 5 years ago, between Mario Spin offs or the Vitality sensor I never really built myself up for Nintendo any longer, then last year's E3 showed off Super Mario Galaxy 2 & New Super Mario Bros. Wii I started to think positively towards this Year's event in Nintendo land & Gosh fucking dammit! my testicles are still blown off & smeared awkwardly against the wall of my living room. 

So the start of the conference happened with Reggie Fils-Aime coming on stage & as he was starting the conference one statement really just spoke to me, like it really spoke to me & even to this day I have unintentionally gone by this mindset that "Technology is only a tool..." that's something that Nintendo has really ran with for quite sometime. That clarity that kept ringing on in the back of my skull as the conference truly started to begin, it really set the tone all ready for the entire conference. So as the room within the conference slowly dims the lights as if it were trying to seduce you like lustful sixteen year old boy, The newest Legend of Zelda game finally appeared before us after a montage of the most recent 3D-iterations of the Legend of Zelda we are then greeted with the newest look & visual aesthetic of the game as Link stood valiantly there, displayed amongst us all. The Married look of Wind-Waker & Twilight Princess with this animated yet epic look of our hero of legend that stood before us. Soon after with Miyamoto on the big screen & his translator Bill Trinen on stage with some hilarious anecdotes ensue between the two with Bill Trinen purposely doing a bad job as Miyamoto fucking teleported to the stage through crazy Sci-Fi Broadway stage effect that was just a pure pleasure to see & for this moment I paused & realized before my mind could return back to the conference, that just like years before it, Nintendo was doing much more then presenting their future releases & products, they were having fun with it. Usually it's a little much or just hokey but for some reason it felt really refreshing & it was definitely a change of pace over Microsoft conference. So as the show continued we were treated to what Miyamoto's true vision of a control scheme that he had in mind with Twilight Princess for the Wii & nearly everything that was displayed with the variety of the weapons & items was all done with motion control which was powered Wii Motionplus which I'm enjoyed to see is being carried out more & more used I was disappointed to see so many technical issues on the presentation floor but it was very understandable being as Miyamoto mentioned, will all the equipment used by the equipment used by the media presence. Tough it was a bit hard to see, the fact that there was a reassurance given by Miyamoto through Trinen on the stage that this would not be happening in the final release of the game, let alone also explaining the game is completely playable the show floor after the conference & yet, even though I was put to ease, I was still quite put off that Nintendo didn't see this coming? The company that prides itself on secretly plotting towards it's presentations, really faux opaque this time around & acted as it was unheard of that the possibility of wireless interference could have ever occurred so I'm not completely excusing Nintendo, but I'm not worried about any issues occurring with the game at all outside that specific environment, I just wished again that this was foreseen but no matter, it was simply embarrassing. With the show moving on forward we had Reggie take over the helm yet again to turn the show around, we were treated to a remake of the Original Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 developed by Eurocom & our not so favorite publisher Activision. Daniel Craig will actually replace the Pierce Broshnan likeness for     for James Bonds' character which I agree was actually a smart move being as it makes the game all the much more relatable to the current generation but again as I mentioned in the previous recap regarding Microsoft, this remake is yet another entry in a genre that's beyond saturated & does little or nothing to provide variety other than the motion control scheme which can work well with the Wii like Metroid Prime or The Conduit or terrible ones like Far-cry & Red Steel, so who exactly know but maybe a remake we really could have done without to avoid soiling any fond memory we have left with it as the original has not aged well at all in terms of the archaic control scheme since we've been conditioned to the now modern convention of ideal FPS control mechanics we've had for the two generations.  


The show then moved on to other new announcements including a new Mario spinoff title which was predictable even though we've been treated to games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii & Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario Sports mix was actually an enjoyment to see being as there were sports that haven't already been done that instead of having their own releases were all collaborated into one game which again was refreshing, Nintendo instead of milking the Mario name further & further through quasi-sports games with the word "Mario" simply put in front of it. Nintendo had the game packed with Volley-ball, Basketball, Hockey, & dodgeball which we've seen done before within iterations of Mario Party or Mario Basketball 3-on-3 on the DS so didn't necessarily understand as to why Reggie boasted that Mario hasn't done this before, maybe he meant in terms of a full-fledged game completely centered around them? Dodgeball would really be the only completely new one. From here Reggie took the opportunity to tout some sales figure which has more or less become a standard key point with all of the recent Nintendo press events being as they'll always gloat their fortunes & find a way to be coy about it. Honestly the most bland & possibly unnecessary announcement was Wii Party...A mini-game collection involving motion controls on the Wii, Gee guys, I stopped playing &/or buying these games 32 games ago...figured you were paying attention? then came the announcement of Golden Sun DS which, to be completely honest, I'm not familiar with at all. Not to say anything negative about Golden Sun, I'm just personally neutral about it, the feature of uploading stats from the previous game into the sequel always intrigued me as I always felt this cohesive immersion when franchises did this like Ratchet & Clank or Mass Effect. it only felt natural that this feature would carry over to the DS sequel  as The DS does feature a GBA slot...oh wait, not the current DS models as this feature has been phased out, meaning why provide a feature for a platform that doesn't carry the company's full focus on? again some wasted potential there as this game would've definitely generated some interest if it was released much earlier but again, it's honestly a small gripe that I felt needed to be addressed. I have some renewed interest in the franchise so I may grab the originals before I jump camp over to anticipation & what have you of the upcoming DS release.  I also tuned out a bit with Dragon Quest IX because I felt I had already seen or known enough to really warrant any more interest that I already had, again not to downplay the game but I did enjoy the release date & finished product that was shown by Square-Enix. Warren spector than had his time on stage with Epic Mickey, a game I have been more than interested in being as I am a disney animation nerd & the entire premise & aesthetic of this darker presentation involving this steam-punk transformation & moral system with nearly ever Disney character that has been included within the Disney cartoons whether they were iconic or not which would appeal to everyone whether you would be able to recognize the characters or not. The Paint brush mechanic of being able to control or destroy along with a morality system set in place behind with crucial consequences determined by whatever action you take for the entire game's progress is something that really draws me in, as the game has multiple ways of being played through, making replayability endless & I can't think of any other game that really does this that emphasizes such intrical moral system to determine progress ( other than Heavy Rain but Epic Mickey appears to be "playable" so again fuck you Heavy Rain) I was really pleased with the gameplay showcased by Mr. Spector & again remind myself that 2010 has been the good year that the Wii needed. As the show again began to pick up speed again, Reggie hinted at one of my favorite Nintendo franchises that hasn't received a proper console entry for over ten years so the announcement was more than a pleasant surprise & in a way was my highlight of the Nintendo conference besides a few other moments & the game that I'm making mention of would Kirby's Epic Yarn. Something that actually worried me for a moment was the fact that the trademark of Kirby sucking his foes up & gaining their powers in the process seemed to missing (or otherwise undefined?) within the trailer. What we did see instead was an amazingly beautiful aesthetic of giving Kirby & all of the graphic & characters within the game this Yarn outline defining them as if they were crafted all out of pipe cleaners for a 5th grade art project. The mechanic that was displayed within the trailer of Kirby unraveling enemies as well as unraveling certain elements within the stage environment like a bridge or a building was incredibly interesting & also as I mentioned before, there was no clear cut method that showed how Kirby exactly obtained different abilities but we did show Kirby showcase a small assortment of then including a miniature car, a parasol, & him skateboarding in what looked like an homage to Adventure Island as he skated across a scrolling level, bouncing off of the skulls of enemies abound. Kirby's Epic Yarn also displayed simultaneous CO-OP play  in the same manner that Kirby's Super Star & Kirby's Dreamland 3 did on the SNES, & something that I noticed which really excited me as there was really only one scenario in which you were able to do this within Kirby's Superstar was with the right combination of power for your partner (being Wheelie) you could team up together & create a whole new power set with the ability with each of you having a different responsibility in terms of movement or attack which was prevalent near the end of the trailer. If this mechanic is fleshed out then I'll have a new favorite Kirby game to play multiplayer wise (it's personally still between Kirby & the Amazing Mirror & Kirby's Dreamland 3). Coming off of the heels of the presentation demonstrating Kirby's Epic Yarn was another rumor that was going on the day before the conference as it was reported on when I first made myself aware of the rumored news that Retro Studios, the same development team that produced the Metroid Prime series was rumored to have a new game under the works for the Donkey Kong Franchise, Well sure as shit followed the announcement of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Other than the terrible name, the game featured what maybe yet again fully functional CO-OP gameplay through 2-D side-scrolling platforming which I was excited for but feeling a little under-whelmed being as the Neo-Retro craze is starting to feel a bit milked but what then quickly changed when I noticed that there were 2.5D mechanic of Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong jumping into the background of the stage Ala Top Hunter or Virtual Boy WarioLand as I have mentioned before on the Podcast & website my love of 2.5D games so this quickly made the deal for me therefore I continued to watch with my interest peaked & soon saw homages to the original DKC games such as Mine Cart stages & Barrel cannon shooting, I also saw many different environmental dangers or foes within the game which also kept me glued. After the end of the trailer though something that I did not see which I was disappointed in being as I am big fan of the original SNES classics were the absence of the animal buddies such as Rahmbi the Rhino or Enguarde the Swordfish so who knows maybe it's far to early to tell anything so far but it's good to know that this didn't give off the impression of cashing in on some Neo-Retro craze (Earthworm Jim HD). Metroid: Other M was then also showcased with a newer fleshed out trailer, I was concerned & yet excited for how the narrative was going to be handled within the game as I did not want to go through another "Fusion" experience. Also I'm really surprised with just how much freedom that Nintendo has given Team Ninja on developing for the Metroid: Other M but it definitely retains the Metroid feel so I have high hopes & I'm also relieved to see a release date that's literally 2 months away from today's date so this is a great feeling. 


So the Highlight of Nintendo's show? I'll have to say that I am a little more excited for the Nintendo 3DS then I first was when it was first announced as we all here on show were not only left feeling cheated with the investment that we all put into the DS Lite but the fact that it just again felt really gimmicky. Fast forward to 2010 with E3 where we have the opportunity to see the mythical contraption that Nintendo as usual has been so tight lipped about since the first announcement &'s nothing short of a technological marvel & it only led me back to the argument of the industry reaching it's technological stride with home consoles & possible much needed shift the portable market to stay a float which I'm still glad to see the PSP is still going (going strong no, but going none of the less). if I haven't made this point strong before, I sure as hell will now & that's just me not being stoked on 3D at all. I see it as nothing more than a fad that's being introduced into the fold again in the home entertainment realm because of the popularity of recent films that take advantage of the 3D tech that is easily available within a Theater setting, but  definitely not so much within the home. It's also really disorienting with long exposure & little to useless for anyone to enjoy with existing vision problems as well the already prevalent  


 health problems that it presents to begin with. Now coming back to Nintendo & their show case of the 3DS in motion with a franchise that has deserved a much needed return to form so long that most have forgotten it's hallow name & that would be Kid Iccarus: Uprising unveiled for the 3DS which looked absolutely amazing, something that was Gamecube-esque looking & just sheer insanity for some of the named franchises that would appear on the 3DS like Star Fox 3D, Pilotwings, Super Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, A Boy & His Blob, & Resident Evil to showcase what we have in store for the platform, the other appealing feature is the fact that you do not require 3D Glasses  appreciate the 3D effect or illusion & that you can actually turn it down & also turn it off, the product shows a lot of promise but I still have yet to see any other precarious uestions that I have with no answers what so ever, such us DSiWare & wether or not this is going to be continued with the 3DS or backwards compatibility was pretty vague as well & again will games require 3D? is there a way I can turn it off if I don't want to use it at all? who knows. Well on that note. I'm going to end the recap here.I will be posting the Sony one by the end of the week along with us recording our initial thoughts & impressions of E3! so again stay tuned.


PPR's E3 2010 impressions: Microsoft

So with E3 finishing up & leaving us behind in it's bag of mixed feelings but none of the less, shedded some light on the games & consoles that we were in anticipation of while being surprised by some announcements & being disappointed with the complete lack of coverage on games some of us have yet to hear anything on (Andrew has been dying to ear anything from Valve on Half-Life 3). Press Pause Radio has been on the down low with us, mostly myself being so busy & tied down with work we weren't able necessarily to follow second by second coverage of all the E3 highlights, however we have now reached the end of E3 & I will be  
posting my impressions of the expo along with Toast himself. I will go ahead & start out with Highlights along with a list of ten games with no specific order in terms priority over the other in excitement or quality hahahaha because they were all pretty good so let me go ahead & start off with my impressions on the conferences, & I will start off with Microsoft.

What can I say? Personally, I felt that the entire conference itself was fairly mediocre at best. The age of First-person shooters is still prevalent among us as we were treated to all the Microsoft's shameless boasting of exclusive DLC regarding multiplayer maps & modes that just immediately instilled the feeling of arbitrary nonsense that was simply used to fill in some show time on the show as again I was amazed from the get go that run time for the show after I caught it on GameTrailers was just a little over 29 minutes. though the presentation of the Gameplay showcasing Call of Duty Black Ops did not show too much out of the ordinary until the excellent Helicopter dog-fight combat that followed in the end, I will say that my lack of or otherwise neglect of interest on Call of Duty did slightly change, even though Infinity Ward is out of the picture, I think Activision struck gold with the new development team behind Black Ops as far as my initial impression. Why is that I state this? it was honestly the attract trailer that played at the start of the presentation, some how I was just engorged on this sensation of accessibility that the trailer suggested for the game. I honestly think that the FPS genre has just become some watered down Frat-boy fuck head game that has been recycled over a dozen times & it must do a lot for me in terms of some kind of brilliant gameplay mechanic or innovative component to warrant the slightest bit of interest in any of the games that modern publishers currently saturate the market, I am sadly going to have to give some sort of kudos to Activision...very little though, & I am not completely sold either, I just now show interest towards the final product. The next Key point within the conference would be appearance of Hideo Kojima & growing light on Metal Gear Rising, which showed off some stunning gameplay elements revolving around action & using Raiden swords to perform some gruesome & satisfyingly accurate cuts that sever limbs into even small limbs that would instill images of Iron chef but with people & there was again some bullet time effects used during the slicing of Raiden's sword...again I am excited for this game but I do eel that the Metal Gear Franchise is done. Especially to the point to where even though this game is a self proclaimed spin-off that derives mere plot & narrative or references to Metal Gear, this game was not Metal the slightest, which again only shows just how fucking played out this game is now become to the point where Kojima is simply using the name to appease who he may feel may be his faithfully blind & ignorant fanbase by name & name only (honestly I would say universe too but after Metal Gear Solid 2, I think the guy honestly just makes it up as he goes & then pulls out this magic continuity, which still doesn't fully make sense within the MGS4...) so I am excited & will purchase on day one, but at the same time I also feel ashamed that I am contributing to the gluttonous monster that MGS has become when we have already had countless stale spin-off that I can enjoy because of my dwindling but faithful loyalty to the franchise & on that note with a minor segway, I again found it baffling that neither Kojima Productions or Konami presented so little mention to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow which was announced last year at E3 2009 along with Metal Gear Rising & Peace Walker. Castlevania:LOS was even forecasted with a 2010 release & we have a game that looked so promising now look affirm fears so I don't know exactly, I also don't feel that the majority of focus shifting over to Castlevania: Harmony of Despair really helped it any. Back to Microsoft, we then had  
Cliffy B. from Epic make an appearance on the stage to announce the status of Gears of War 3 which was such a welcomed sight I wanted applaud, mostly due to the fact that other then Kojima's appearance on the stage, the attitude & stage performance of everyone representing Microsoft or Activision was so uninspiring & stale, that  could relate it to the image of finding an obtuse shaped paper clip firmly buried in crusted dog turd.Cliffy B. was showing off the 4 player cooperative play & the new Lambent Locust in action which was definitely much faster paced than I had originally anticipated with the sequel but at the same time gave me the sense that the very thing that made Gears of War so amazing & distinctive in the first place is slowly taking a back seat of how the combat flow works & that the environmental tactic of cover & fire, the game other than a few meat shield moment, felt very run-&-gunny...that's not why I play or enjoy Gears of War at all, so other than some new apprehension thrown in the mix, another release I am yet again pretty fucking stoked on.

This is where I felt the conference started nose diving into disappointment. Project Natal was something that I was amazed with even as Paco & I first did our E3 episode during the early Press Pause Radio episodes & one of the key things that we couldn't just shake our excitement for Project Natal, a year later & we now have an official name & release for it, it's name is Kinect, which even though I did find strange, the name didn't really bother me, the announcement of Nov. 4 also made me feel great, seeing it in action & seeing what Microsoft & Rare have been doing with it...unacceptable. Kinect is supposed to be Microsoft's outlet to explore the realm of Motion control gameplay & revolutionize what some consider to be a fad in the video game landscape, Microsoft takes this opportunity & immediately shits in my brain & heart with conventions in the motion controlled gamely that we have already experienced as it has been saturated on the Wii since 2006..FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO! with games showcased like Wii Kinect Sports, some trite Mini game collection with Kinect Adventures & interactive virtual pet simulator that as been done several times & poorly on the Wii, which I know that Sony is doing the same thing with eyepet still this is exactly what burns me, when Sony & Microsoft made these bold statements they were going to revolutionize the motion control scheme interface & innovate it beyond all of the Wii'slimitations...yet they stick with profitable conventions that has already been done...God dammit. The Kinect interface compatibility with the Xbox 360 dashboard was nice & though it may have come off as being much too convient to where controllers have been removed from the equation along with voice-control, I can see that being innovated into something awesome if developers can get their head out of their asses. The ESPN channel was hardly anything to be impressed with, I know I'm not the biggest sports guy but there was nothing so immediately substantial that it needed to be paraded like it was this amazing new life changing feature for that of a modern gamer so that's all I'm left with at state on that point. the New slim model of the Xbox 360 is more then a welcome change & I hope eliminate a majority of the hardware failure rate that's plagued the 360 even in this most current generation & it's funny as I already had a feeling that this was going to occur that this was the end all be all close to Microsoft Conference, again nothing really surprising or heart pumping excited me & the fact that the slims were also given away to the physical attendees as well only made me feel like Microsoft was trying to make up the lack luster effort in this Year's E3 showing, so here's hoping that something motivates me to reconsider my new apprehension on Kinect & something else along the lines of Third party exclusives that'll renew some of my lost faith, ahahahha who knows? maybe Microsoft will finally announce their portable entry into the current generation as the X-Brick! 
Hahahahaha anyway, I'll be posting my E3 Nintendo conference impression tomorrow night along with news with the newest Press Pause Radio episode & what not, catch you later on tomorrow guys~GBAXE


E3 2010 


So E3 officially starts today, and everyone seems to be anxiously waiting for all the big news and exciting reveals. We at Press Pause Radio are unable to liveblog or follow the event minute to minute, however we will still be discussing the show and some of the news throughout the week. Our good friends at CrushFragDestroy! are liveblogging all of the major press conferences this week, and providing up to the minute updates on the biggest news. Head over to their website for all of your E3 needs. Until then, enjoy the show! 


PPR 23: One Year Anniversary Part Two

We continue our celebration of surviving one year on the internet with part two of our anniversary episode. The Press Pause Radio crew are still enjoying their mini vacation, but will return to the digital airwaves very soon with an all new episode. Until then, sit back and listen as Georgieboy, Paco and Toast walk down memory lane, and discuss the beginnings of the podcast.

Part two also includes a very special chat with Mr. Rob Thomas, Executive Editor and Owner of, a fantastic video game news website that is rapidly becoming one of the most well known sites on the internet. Georgie and Toast speak with our special guest on a wide variety of topics, and find out more about creating a gaming website from the ground up. We hope you enjoy this anniversary episode, and check back soon for all new episodes of Press Pause Radio!


PPR Episode 23


PPR 22: One Year Anniversary Part One


It's our one year anniversary, and we here at Press Pause Radio are celebrating! It has truly been an honor to speak to you all this year so far, and we hope that you will allow us to continue for the year to come. To commemorate the grand occasion, we have recorded a two part epic anniversary show complete with music, memories and very special guests. On part one of our anniversary episode, we reminisce on some of our favorite memories and the uphill climb that has taken place in creating the podcast and website. 

Our special guests for the first part of the anniversary episode are the hosts of a fine podcast that everyone here should be subscribing to right this minute, Pixel Dreams. Drew and Eric were able to spend some time with Paco and George, and discuss all aspects of retro gaming. The results are truly amusing, and sometimes vulgar. What else do you expect from Press Pause Radio? Stay tuned for the second half of our anniversary episode, coming soon!

PPR Episode 22


PPR's Clone Chronicles #1 By GeorgieBoysAXE

So with the Anniversary episode being released very soon, I have been mentioning a lot of the Clone Games. What these Clone games you ask? definitely not the result of some Mad Scientists sick twisted designs of a resulted masochistic genetic experimentation, that much I can definitely assure you. No what I'm referencing exactly is a different developer developing a completely new IP or an existing license or franchise utilizing a Gameplay aesthetic or mechanics that are already founded on previous existing games in a pedestal that balances the side of homage or shameless cash-in on a an established formula with little or no innovation invested within said game. Granted I may have come off a bit curt there but it's a line that is dangerously danced on when developers cater on gamers with a gameplay formula that has been established & there are genres that maybe considered derivative between their own respective releases, there are still quirks or mechanics, animation, or distinguishing elements that give you this sense of Deja vu & I just wanted to go over my experiences with the batch of games that I have played through a series of what I will call...the Clone Chronicles, this isn't a permanent blog series that I am introducing into Press Pause Radio but some thing I'm going to touch on from blog to blog. So where am I taking this to on this series? why the new Atlus release 3D Dot Game Heroes exclusive on the Playstation 3 of course. The game is developed with references of video game nostalgia kept in mind as well as several if not a nearly completely aped environment along with elements & items (especially items) directly inspired (more or less taken) from the Legend of Zelda Franchise mostly from the original Legend of Zelda with cues from "A Link To The Past" here & There also tossed into the mix. 
So where I mentioned that 3D Dot Game Heroes takes more cues from Legend of Zelda as opposed to the LTTP is the environment & progression of the game. 3DDGH has that nostalgic sense of being one completely off beaten path in terms of a nearly completely open explorative open world other than paths in which you determine within a sick sense of muscle memory that further exploration or progression can not be done with out a specific item or tool that must be acquired beforehand. also like the original Legend of Zelda, all of the NPCs within the game either have Side-quests which there are an abundance of extremely vague hints (or sometimes blatantly obvious ones done a comical fashion) there's that sense of nostalgia where beyond your experience of the Legend of Zelda franchise that has stayed with you, the advancement of the game in terms of the next objective or the next area that you travel forth to is pushed nearly to the point of bewildered confoundment as you find yourself with out some sort of clear or at times even reasonable clue to progress the game further which is almost akin to experiencing the original Legend of Zelda for the very first time which is feeds into this addictive urge to play through the game but only pushes me towards frustration after sever failed attempts of solution from trial & error decisions that I had to make, which I can't completely blame on the game as I am a pretty fucking stupid individual but there were some crushing blows to my ego that only came crashing when I did discover the solution towards the next progression of the game & it was beyond obvious. 
Another glaring similarity towards the original Legend of Zelda is that the dungeon/temple stages in which you locate the key story items, weapon/items, & tools as is another stable from the LOZ franchise is nearly identical to the original for 3DDGH. The glaring similarity that there is absolutely no distinguishing features or visuals that segregate or differentiate one dungeon from any others, it's actually accurate to say that other than some weapon item obstacles, puzzles, or enemies that all of the dungeons are color palliate swapped which is something again I can appreciate it but solely on Nostalgia & deep down I would have preferred more of a distinctive take on the dungeon ambience & visuals than what I got. now where the comparison to LTTP is contrived from the items & weapon items such as the Hook-shot & Pegasus Dash Boots are scattered through out the game which again only adds to the comforting familiarity within 3DDGH which I really have no complaints with but again on the basis & inspiration for this particular little blog series, it only pushes the game far past the flattery of calling it an "Homage".Now what makes 3DDGH different is that fact that it's just a very tongue in cheek game in terms of all of the flavor text & derivative Japanese RPG story line. it's dialogue & references will definitely make any NES nerds laugh & the modern chiptunes are very memorable & make you feel a few years younger. The Dialogue again I have to point out is beyond fucking hilarious whether you visit the King & experiment with the different Dialogue trees along with other characters or explore all of the inside jokes from the guys at From Software within the game makes it all the more pleasant. 
So overall, get it, at 39.99 this is definitely a recommend for all PS3 owners & especially any fan of the Legend of Zelda & I'm just going to go out of the way & stress yet again that this is a quality clone. I have honestly only scratched the surface of the game in this humble look at it because of the subject matter of course but just because a game is a clone game doesn't make it a bad one. So with that the next three games I'm going to split amongst open choice to listeners who keep up with blog, the next entry within this series can either be one of the following three? TT: Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Genesis, The Krion Conquest for the NES, or  Neutopia for the Turbo-Grafx 16. Post your votes in the forum thread or comment here & I'll make the decision from there until then,  
 thanks for reading & be sure to watch out for the Anniversary episode coming out tonight or tomorrow along with the announcements for the Voicemail! thanks again~GeorgieBoysAXE


PPR 21


Get your headsets and modded controllers ready, because you are now listening to episode 21 of Press Pause Radio! On this episode, we discuss gaming news involving the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta and the recent deal between Bungie and Activision. Toast will share his Top Five video game podcasts, as well as a review of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Our main topic for this episode is all about multiplayer games. Has the era of playing cooperatively on the couch died, and left us now with only lobbies and online only multiplayer games? We will discuss this and much more on the legal to drink episode of Press Pause Radio. As always, feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated through the website or on our iTunes page. Thanks for listening, and have a great week.

PPR Episode 21