Games Club#1 LIMBO

Hey Listeners! we here at Press Pause Radio will be doing our very first Games Club! & what game did we choose for this momentous occasion? why none of other than the most controversial release of the summer...LIMBO! The Erie 2-D Side-Scrolling action puzzle platformer developed by Playdead studios & one of the promoted titles within Microsoft's "Summer of Arcade". LIMBO is  a game we've all been kicking around the idea of playing but after little time with it, we've all decided that this game needed to be the game we choose for a Games Club & being as this is our very first Games Club,we'll be sure to include some surprises in the upcoming show as well! Want to participate in our Games Club? Purchase LIMBO off of XBLA for 1500 Allards & here's how you can do it.Also don't forget that we're doing a Community Poll on LIMBO for the Games Club on all of Social Networking sites so get in on that shit!

So you want to get it in on the latest Games Club by Press Pause Radio? play the game with us & send us your thoughts, comments, questions, or outlooks & we'll be covering every contact we can on the show all through out the show & here are the ways you can go about. First stop is the Forums, if you haven't already go register at the forums now at the top of our Website & post on the current Games Club thread what you have to say & reply to you on the forum as well as bring it up on the show. You can befriend us on one of or all of our Social networking profiles for Press Pause Radio at Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, & 1UP as you can comment, private message, wall post, or @reply anything you want to throw at us about the game featured in Games Club as this will be checked before & while we record, same goes for any comments on this post for the Website of course as well. Last but not least if you want to make sure that your literal "voice" is heard you can always leave us a Voicemail at 209-566-0190 & odds are that we will also play these through out the show. So what are you waiting for? go grab this Game that we're playing & join in on the fucking fun on our latest Games Club!


Announcements of importance

Hey listeners! I have some important news & announcements concerning Press Pause Radio as a whole. The first big announcement which is unfortunately a regretful one is that Paco is no longer apart of the show...between his school & work schedule & his personal drive towards Press Pause Radio, it was a mutual decision that we part ways, Paco may come back as a guest in the future but he's no longer apart of it & I want to thank him for the time & for the memories & wish him well. You can still find Paco at all of his online contacts that we have mentioned before so be sure to do so & continue to love him like we all will!

 Press Pause Radio for now will be a Three Chair cast for the mean time, which still gives us the opportunity to have guests appear on the show until we decide on a Fourth chair to join, We've been fortunate to have luminaries on such as Rob Thomas of Crush Frag Destroy & Nerd artist extraordinaire  Bill Mudron appear & we have plenty of guests in line for the future so it's all pretty exciting here  to imagine what the future holds for Press Pause Radio as we have plenty of awesome plans for the future in terms of content, merch, & surprises. Also changing from now on, our social networking site for Press Pause Radio (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, & 1up) will only feature community polls for our friends & listeners for our new "Select Feedback" segment & announcement of our upcoming scheduled community nights that we have mentioned before as we will move them into play in the coming months with a newer focus on forums & upcoming "Games Club" episodes that we will now be having from time to time which I will cover in a separate entry soon for details. All other meaty content such as blogs, articles, reviews & other written material will be exclusive to from now, I've learned that the social networking site should only be just that, social, another way to reach you guys the listeners.

& with that update I just want to wish you all well, thank you again for sticking by us & we hope to garner many new listeners soon, we've got some big shit planned ahead & I mean big. Oh yeah before I forget, to make room & better improve our feed for not only us but for you guys as well, we will again go through a restructuring of it & I believe you'll have to re-subscribe as well, which I apologize in advance for all the listeners but trust me, this is going to be great for all of us & we'll remind you all of course before we go about it I can assure you, thanks again for taking the time to read guys & thank you! I also forgot to mention...

I recently had the awesome opportunity to be apart of an epic cross over show with one our favorite buddy sites Crush Frag Destroy! (I'm telling you we have a huge internet "Bro"ner for these guys) along with a new friend to Press Pause Radio which is Spawn Kill led by Stephanie "Tigresa" Palermo & her awesome staff so it was an awesome experience to say the least.

we got to discuss a variety of different games & news in the first half of the Podcast which was epic shit. The main topic was how we felt about the state of "Game Journalism" & how we reflect on performance & skill of amateur to even professional game media platforms of the industry & how we try to conduct ourselves in this realm as well as load more. I also couldn't help myself because it was just too fucking much, this podcast almost didn't even start because of all the fucking goof ups so I figured "what the hell..." & made a special blooper filled short episode for all you wonderful listeners to hear. Please go listen to the episode here or at CFD's website which is listed in our affiliate section of the site & review them or subscribe them on iTunes or even do both for Fuck's sake! enjoy the blooper & as always thanks for listening guys!

Team Deathchat/Press Pause Radio/Spawn Kill Blooper fucking blow out!


PPR 27

Press Pause Radio takes a break from browsing online for "sex turtles" to record the newest episode of the podcast. On this week's show Georgieboy, Toast and special host Noel welcome the talented Mr. Bill Mudron to discuss video games, love and life. You may know Bill's work from such publications as Electronic Gaming Monthly and Penthouse Magazine. His website showcases just some of the fantastic art he has created, with more on the horizon.  We have a lengthy discussion on Scott Pilgrim, with possible spoilers of the movie and comic. If you have not yet seen the movie, you can skip from 10:20 into the podcast to about 27:20 to avoid any detailed discussions. We also discuss Bioshock Infinite and Georgieboy reviews Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shōnen Pīno for the Super Famicom.

Our featured topic is about being a "gamer" in social circles and environments that may not play video games. Does being labeled a fan of video games still carry a negative connotation? Or do we live in a society that now embraces video games and all that video games have inspired? We discuss this question and much more on this week's episode. Special thanks once again to Bill Mudron for taking time to be a guest on the show. Contact our voicemail at 209-566-0190 with any questions or comments, and follow us on Twitter for any updates on the show.


PPR Episode 27


Quarter Circle Forward Review: Starcraft 2

Our resident PC gamer Toast reviewed Starcraft 2 for the PC on episode 26 of Press Pause Radio. Here is the full review.

How do you improve on a game that after ten years is still actively played by thousands of players, and has also become a national sport in South Korea? You release Starcraft 2. I’ll be honest with all of our readers, my experience with the original Starcraft is limited only to the time that I have put into the anthology that was included with the Starcraft 2 Collector’s Edition. When it comes to a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, my abilities are almost non-existent. This is where I believe Starcraft 2 really shines. It has the depth and challenges that will please the hardcore Starcraft community, while also being accessible to any newcomers to the series.

The events of Starcraft 2 occur about four years after the events of the Brood Wars expansion. If you are not familiar with the story of Starcraft and it’s expansion, no worries. The installer of Starcraft 2 will explain the key points of the story, so everyone is up to speed once we see Jim Raynor casually drinking whiskey in an abandoned bar. The campaign, which I have not yet completed is simple at first. The first few missions will reintroduce the controls and different units available to the Terrans. After the first five missions, the home location will change, and the missions become more and more challenging. I must stress again that I am inexperienced in this type of game, so I have been playing on Casual. So the game at this point has been an uphill climb, but also is very informative. I feel that each mission will introduce a new mechanic or new strategy that I will need in order to succeed. This also will be beneficial for the huge multi-player portion of the title.

At the time of this writing, I have only played in the practice leagues, and have yet to play my placement matches. I actually feel very intimidated by the ladder systems and various leagues that are accessible through the game. However I believe this is a strong selling point for the game. Even after playing through the thirty missions in the first campaign, there is countless hours of play still available. Currently I enjoy just going online with my friends and playing either 2 vs. 2 or 2 vs. CPU. Knowing that leagues and competitive play is still available makes me want to improve and learn more about the game. Hard to believe that this is only the first game released in the announced trilogy of Starcraft 2. This is the only criticism that I may have about the title.

I can understand that Blizzard develops titles that are polished and full of content. I also am aware that Starcraft 2 can be released years after being announced and still sell over a million copies in the first two days. What I do not understand is why the game is being released in three separate campaigns. The additional purchases do not bother me as much as some other reviewers. I truly believe that the other two faction campaigns will be expansions and not full retail games. The argument here is that I do not want to wait for the Protoss and Zerg campaigns. I suppose that waiting for over ten years was not long enough.  In closing, I can honestly say that I am now a Starcraft fan, and that this title has enough content to please new gamers and long time fans. This game is a required purchase for any PC gamer.




PPR 26

Canned Bread? Press Pause Radio surprises everyone and releases episode 26 of the podcast on time! Everyone rejoice! On the show this week we will discuss more Kinect rumors, Zelda marathons and views on California politics. We welcome Rob Thomas back onto our show as our special guest, the overlord and editor-in-chief at Toast reviews Starcraft 2 for the PC, and then runs away in fear as our hosts verbally tear 3-D gaming a new one. May the bashing begin!

PPR Episode 26


Hey Everybody!

Hey Listeners, this is super late of me & I feel like such a heel for being so late but a while back I had the distinct honor & privilege to be apart of one of the best Retro would around & that bwould be Pixel Dreams. We had the honor of having them appear on the anniversary special & they invited me to come along & go over the Metroid franchise, so go ahead & listen to Drew & Eric along with yours truly & give the episode a listen by clicking on the logo above & continue to give them a listen! you can subscribe to them on iTunes as well as find their website on our affiliates list on the Website or right here! at keep in touch, subscribe & listen, also post on the wall of our new Facebook page & leave us a Voice-Mail at 209-566-0190 for our new Select Feedback segment, thanks again guys!


PPR 25

The podcast finally appears from the ashes of the broken recording computer. We at Press Pause Radio are happy to present to you, our dedicated listeners episode 25. On this episode, we cover news from Comic-Con as well as the official pricing for Kinect. Select Feedback makes it's debut, where we respond to voicemails, twitter and forum posts. The voicemail number for anyone who would like to call in is 209-566-0190.

George reviews Protect Me Knight, a Xbox Indie Game which transitions nicely into our feature topic. With the indie community seeing it's greatest success yet, is the state of independent game development and homebrew games on the rise? Or is it still viewed as amateur and underground? We will discuss this and more on the most Indy podcast on the internet: Press Pause Radio!

PPR Episode 25


PPR 24

We are back from our month long vacation, hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far. Episode 24 of Press Pause Radio is officially on the air, where we discuss the hits and misses of this year's E3 conference. This lengthy episode will also include Georgie's Top Five E3 moments as well as the entire crew (sans Paco) expressing their undying love for Treasure's latest release, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. As always you can listen to the podcast from any of your preferred feeds, and follow us on almost every social network known to man. Reviews and comments on iTunes or Zune is greatly appreciated, and allows us to reach more people. Thanks for listening!

PPR Episode 24