PPR 112

ost kids just care about getting a Victory Royale in Fortnite these days, and then there other kids who don’t even remember anything about their past, and are prophesized to save the world alongside a talking dog, a hitchhiker, and some retired ninja or something—ain’t that a kick in the seat?

Japanese Role-Playing games have always had their ups and downs within the last 25 years of gaming, but they have nonetheless remained a staple genre on the forefront of the western games market, especially now with heavy hitting games like Y’s VIII and Octopath Traveler actually making it over to a major Nintendo platform. Join George, Andrew, and Ser as they go over the their thoughts on the budding mainstream renaissance of JRPGs, along with discussing Gradius II, Panzer Dragoon Saga, podcasting as a life skill, Destiny II, eating edibles at the age of 32, Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, Super Mario Odyssey, Tekken 7, EVO news, and much, much more!

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