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 am so happy that George is able to take the time to upload our podcasts on a regular basis, because I struggle with it every time I am tasked with the responsibility. Like, I had to spend some time just trying to find those pixilated letters that he uses at the start of his posts, and then could not figure out how to line it up right in the paragraph. So if you are a fan of those in your podcast feed, you will be very disappointed. Internet is hard work, you guys. (Don't worry, I got him covered when I can!-G.)

Speaking of hard work, clone systems at times can seem like a labor of love for the systems of the past. Most times, however they seem like they were churned out as a quick money making opportunity, devoid of any sort of time and care that made the original such a treasured piece of hardware. Our crew will dive into the recent wave of re-imagined gaming consoles, as well as controversy surrounding former Donkey Kong world record holders, a whole mess of Switch titles and newer releases such as Yakuza 6 and Far Cry 5.

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Show Notes:

We Have Concerns

Retron 77

Super SD System 3

Omega System

The actual thing Andrew was talking about 

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2



The only proof tht we could find that the Gizmondo is melting



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