PPR 107

ormally, we’d start humming the tune of “Happy Birthday to You” to the Nintendo Switch, but we fought the urge as to not upset our lawyers who to…oh, there’s been an update? Excuse us for a moment….

*steps off to the side* “Yeah, uh-huh, Oh shit so it’s been settled? That’s great! I’ll go back and spread the good news!”

Hey y’all! It’s time to get turnt! Because we can all sing the Birthday song again without fear of a lawsuit! We’re going to put that shit into EVERY podcast now, you just wait and see!

On a more serious note, thee PPR gang gets together to celebrate the first anniversary of the Nintendo Switch’s launch with discussion about the current state of the system and its software library, and the upcoming releases slated for the platform later this year. We also talk about some bummer news with the impending liquidation of Toys’R US stores across the nation , and the Trump Administration’s ridiculous smoke and mirror tactics towards the gun violence issue plaguing America by targeting the media of Video Games as a scapegoat to blame. We also cover Metal Gear Survive, StarForce, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, Moss, DragonBall FighterZ, the Secret of Mana remake, and more!

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Show Notes:

Nintendo 64 Ultra HDMI Mod video Breakdown


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