PPR 106

h wow, it has been awhile since I've been the person responsible for putting up new content. I will try to make sure that this does not all come crashing down but I cannot make any promises, Internet. Speaking of garbage fires this is Toast welcoming you to another episode of Press Pause Radio where we discuss the Juggalo March, banana peeling tactics, Mario not being a plumber, and wedding advice. That last one had it's ups and downs but we all learned a little more about each other. Sharing is caring.

The normal crew of GeorgieboysAXE, Ser Flash and I also experiment with web cameras and discuss current hot topics including Sean Vanaman and MCA takedowns involving PewDewPie and Firewatch. Our show also reminds everyone that there are a ridiculous amount of games coming out this year such as Sonic Mania, Project Octopath Traveller, Hellblade Setsuna, Yakuza Kiwami, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Destiny 2, Neo Geo Archives; Aero Fighters 2, Neo Geo Archives; Spin Masters, and a newer indie title on the market called Minecraft.

So sit back and enjoy this audio experience, possibly while holding a protest sign depicting a Hatchetman in one hand and in the other some refreshing Faygo Moon Mist. It's the American way. 

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Show Notes:

Turn Your Switch Into a Mini Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet


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