PPR 104

eraflops counting in the sixes, Androids becoming human, and Plumber possessing dinosaurs; oh my yes, it’s another year of Electronic Entertainment Expo y’all and we’re here to talk all about it on Press Pause Radio!

It seems that 2017 is continuing to be one of the biggest years in gaming as there’s a ton of other news surrounding the grandest stage of Video Games with the announcement of the SNES Classic, SEGA, Forever, a new console from Atari and more.

Join in on the cast of Andrew, Ser, Alissa, and George as they discuss newborn babies, the Xbox One X, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, the “Stüssy” S, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Nick Kroll, Super Mario Odyssey and other topics on this jam packed episode.

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Show Notes:

The Origin of the Stüssy

A reminder that this is a thing


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