Bullet Heaven, Episode #177 - Lightening Force (GEN)

n series 1 of Bullet Heaven, we took a look at Thunder Spirits on the SNES and Thunder Force V: Perfect System on PSone. Both games tried to capture the magic of the Sega-hardware-based Thunder Force series with varying success; Thunder Force V was great, though considered by many to be inferior to the Saturn (though we disin't think so) and Thunder Spirits was skippable, in favor of Thunder Force III and AC (Also available on Sega Saturn in the Thunder Force Gold packs.)

 Well we're back to take a look at a REAL Thunder Force game! Uhh... Lightening Force. Also Known as Thunder Force IV literally everywhere else, whoe does this Genesis shmup stack up? Let's take a look!


In the Credits:

Thunder Spirits (SNES)

Thunder Force V: Perfect System (PSone)

Gate of Thunder (TGCD WiiVC)


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This episode of Bullet Heaven was made with a copy of the game purchased used at retail. The opinions expressed are our own and are not paid for by the developer, publisher or any retailers or resellers in any way.

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