Bullet Heaven, Episode #176 - Castle of Shikigami (PC)

e took a look at Castle of Shikigami 2 on the PS2 all the way back in episode 2 of Bullet heaven ages and ages ago. Turns out, its predecessor, Castle of Shikigami was, in fact also released - as Mobile Light Force 2, stripped of story complete with a bizarre, unrelated cover. Degica Games is back with a restored, localized version of this classic game... but how does it hold up in the transition to Steam?


In the credits:

Bullet Heaven 44 - Otomedius Excellent [XB360]

Bullet Heaven 09 - Thunder Spirits [SNES]

Bullet Heaven 02 - Castle Shikigami 2 [PS2]


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This episode of Bullet Heaven was made with a copy of the game provided by the developer for review. The opinions expressed are our own and are not paid for by the developer, publisher or any retailers or resellers in any way.

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