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on’t have a cow man! We get that America’s favorite dysfunctional family may have hit a slump in the ratings as of late, but doesn’t mean that we’ve completely fallen out of love with the people of Springfield and their crazy misadventures. In fact, there hasn’t been a more noticeable void in gaming than the lack of Simpsons games—like, the only way you’re going to get your fill right now is through the expensive toy add-ons of Lego Dimensions, or the casual mobile app Tapped Out.

It’s a real bummer that we’re on the 28th season of the show, and that there hasn’t been any plans from EA to do anything with the license, and even to this day, Video Games owe a lot to The Simpsons.

Join George, Andrew, and Ser as they talk about their experiences with the older Bart-centric games, and the various titles we’ve seen come out of the property, among other important gaming commentaries that the show has covered in its near thirty-year run on television. The gang also talks about the discontinuation of the NES Classic, the disaster of Fyre Festival, the 2DS XL, Jack Bros, Nintendo Switch Sales, Destiny 2, Flinthook, Yooka-Laylee, the disappointment of the Wii U, and more on 103rd episode of Press Pause Radio!

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Show Notes:

Fyre Festival Disaster

The Binding of Isaac Amiibo


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