Evo 2016: The MIX Indie Showcase

he MIX stands for the Media Indie Exchange which is a colaboration between the MIX and Evo to showcase games from indie game developers to the hardcore fighting game and competitive players. From the offical Media Indie Exchange website, the MIX states "The fighting game community (FGC) is a tight-knit culture who share a lot in common with Indies.

Both are interested in system design, have grassroots community backgrounds; both appreciate well-crafted game design, mechanics and both understand that games are only as fun as the people you can play with and talk to. The MIX and EVO are independent productions who strive to develop their cultures and bring people together to share amazing experiences". We were able to play and speak with the developers of several titles on the Evo floor, a few we enjoyed and some that seemed a little out of place but worth discussing either way. 

A stylized 1 v 1 pixelated battle between samurais that use stealth and the black and white environment as they fight to the death. Chambara features an interesting art style where black and white is in the landscape with color changes that splash the screen with green and red. It reminds me of games like Samurai Gunn but in a FPS deathmatch. 

This title is reminiscent of Puzzle Fighter where eight fantasy themed fighter has abilities to use against other player in a match three battle. A hand drawn art style, similar to Skullgirls makes the game unique and fun to watch as much to play. The game will support a campaign mode as well as offline and online multiplayer modes. 

Team Deathmatch with fantasy setting, featuring unique skills to each four fighter types. Capture the Flag mode is renamed as Critter Capture, where the Critter can give buffs to the player that is carrying it. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and will be released at the end of summer or early fall.

This game looks like 16 bit Smash with different fantasy style animals. The game was popular throughout the event, with a decent group of players and tournaments occuring during the weekend. I suck at it, of course but people at EVO would probably really like it. A Xbox One dev kit was playing the version used on the floor, however the title will be released on PC as well.  

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