PPR 7th Year Anniversary Special: Grandma's Boy Commentary

even is a lucky number for an anniversary year right? Well, I wish that sentiment was a bit closer to the truth, but 2016 has been it a bit of a bummer for some on a number of different levels—especially for George (seriously, send that guy “Hang in there” Cat meme or some shit on Twitter whenever you get the chance.)

One of which happens to be the loss of Doris Roberts, the senior actress of Everybody Loves Raymond fame; and because of this, we decide to record commentary for another role that she’s also best known for…a little film by the name of Grandma’s Boy.

George and Andrew argue about whether or not they still hold this movie in any high regard at all, while they sit back and see whether or not Ser’s enjoying since it was his first time watching this happily-schlocky Happy Madison joint. Between stories of recreational drug use, Nick Swardson shade, Grandma’s Boy trivia, Thrill Kill shout outs, and whether or not Uwe Boll looks like that fucking guy who played Damien Darhk in season 4 of Arrow.

This was one hoot of a show, and honestly, probably one our favorite commentaries that we’ve recorded yet.

I know we’ve said it before (and will most likely say it again the actual anniversary podcast), but the countless nights of editing, writing, laughing, and crying would not have been possible without you guys—I’m sincerely grateful for everyone who has supported us. The T-shirts and posters are still being made but will hit the store really soon (we’re really sorry about the wait!) I’m truly blessed to have PPR, all of us here are, and it’s all thanks to you lovable shmucks.

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