PPR Presents Play Play: Skylanders: Trap Team

n a generation of gaming where the combination of the words “toys to life” holds more weight than a Fisher-Price-ass looking plastic music instrument; it will always circle back around to the adorable little plastic troop of creeps that pioneered the trend from the very beginning—Skylanders.

After three titles releasing a year after the other from one another, the title to proceed the upcoming Super Charged tapped into a colloquial sensation that has proven to appeal to all ages—trapping creatures against their will, subjugating them to fight your battle for you.

Dark, but true; so join George as he escorts Andrew through the world of Skylands, and the mechanic of switching out toys on a glowing pad to advance through a series of obstacles, fights, and shit, and stuff.

Here’s to hoping that Andrew will spend even more money on a hobby that drains him emotionally, and physically…it’s fun!

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