PPR 92

t’s 2015 and yet, Jacob Marley’s ghost of Christmas gaming’s past has spilled over into the new year to haunt us some more, and well—that’s ok really.

We kick off the big Two-Oh-One-Five with our thoughts on Amiibos, Skylanders, and the rest of the interactive toy craze or as Andrew likes to call it “Toys-To-Life” trend that’s been sweeping video games as of late. In addition we talk about the values of owning a uninsured motorist policy on your car insurance premium, Evolve, AGDQ, Destiny, Neo Geo X, Lizard Squad, Twinkle Star Sprites, how dumb Linkin Park really was, and more! This latest episode is a bit of a doozy as far as content and length goes so settle down, and kick your feet up, because we’re here to help you get comfortable.

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