PAX PRIME 2014: Press Pause Radio Podcast Special!

tories, Game Journalism talk, Cosplay, and of course, some good ol’ fashioned games; we gather around with some friends to bring you Press Pause Radio, recording live from PAX Prime 2014!

The cast for this special includes the usual hosts, Georgie and Serraxor, and guesting alongside them are friends Eric “Shidoshi” Patterson of EGM, Robert Workman of Shacknews and RETRO Magazine, and Quinn Sullivan and Derick Ford of Front Towards Gamer. Join the conversation as we get hot and heavy with stupid swords, butt articles, and why George sucks at Dark Souls.

Mail us at our new email, leave a voicemail at 469-PPR-TALK, and be sure to stop by at our Forums if you haven’t already registered and post your thoughts about the show. Finally, make sure to rate and subscribe to us on iTunes and YouTube, follow us on Twitch page and Twitter, and finally take part in our Facebook and Steam group!


Show Notes:

Kotaku butts


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