PPR Presents Now Showing: 01/24/14

hat’s that? You say you demand squeaky new footage on upcoming video games do you? Why of course you do, and we’re not pulling any punches in this latest Now Showing. 2014 may have started with a slight lull in releases (giving plenty of indies the opportunity to shine) but that’s soon coming to an end.

Later this month, you guys will be able to get your hand on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. While the argument of the FPS between the two versions is just one of the many sparks to stoke from the flame wars of fan boys, seeing the results of the game redefined is astonishing, and merits another visit to Yamatai.

Sora and the gang are getting the remastered treatment as well, with Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix redefining the visuals of Kingdom Hearts II and bringing Birth By Sleep and Recoded to console for the very first time. Sega’s wasting no time in attempting to publish yet another epic game with the Aliens license; even though we’ve been tricked into the potential for an awesome title from the franchise from awesome trailer before, this latest teaser of Isolation may actually sell us on the goods—so long as Sega and Creative assembly manage to back it up.

Going into the New Year, there are just some experiences that still stay with you as you move forward, and The Last of Us is one of them. Getting the chance to come back and revisit Ellie before she met Joel, before she knew what she was, before she truly knew what tragedy was is what Left Behind is all about; we’ll know what is to hurt again in February when this DLC releases on the PlayStation Network.

Two games that share the similarities of chivalry and rampant death get another commonality between them; Dark Souls and Shovel Knight will be dropping in March, and they couldn’t look any more exciting.

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