PPR 76: The MUZAK Special

he sounds and melodies of video games have never been better, and we’re here to prove it to y’all. We here at PPR are here to take you on a wild ride as we sound off (sigh, no pun intended) our picks from the seventh generation of video games before it’s officially put to rest. Joining our hijinks, are friends and way cooler dudes than us, The Megas as we present to you the longest show we’ve ever recorded. On the way, we rant about a whole ton of games, discover James’ disgusting penchant for the Juggalo culture, and everyone ragging on George for his new favorite Gatorade.

Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today, follow us on our new Twitch page, mail us at our new email, and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well! P.S. We did have some show notes in line to drop, but upon further review, they were fucking awful, so yeah, enjoy our long special and get ready for the upcoming Last of Us Games Club!


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