PPR 72

elcome to the latest episode of Preeee….Server busy, try again later. Oh, sorry, did we mention that in order to listen to PPR, you’ll have to be connected to the web at all times? Yeah, well...that’s what we would say if we ENDORSED the idea of DRM, lucky enough for you guys, we don’t! This week we discuss the issues that lie in a possible future of always needing to be authenticated and monitored online in order to enjoy your favorite games and the serious implications that DRM brings to the table and all the negative fallout from its enforcement. Among the talk is Starcraft: Heart of The Swarm, Extra Mario Bros, Salamander, Tomb Raider and more. Also if any of you guys happen to have a sealed game then don’t let Ser know! Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today, follow us on our new Twitch page, mail us at our new email, and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well!

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PPR 72

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