Life Through The Pixel Glass-02/28/2013

his week has followed one the biggest weeks of the month and quite possibly the year to boot. The gaming public was treated to the reveal of the PS4 followed with some sad news regarding 1UP and the passing of Kenji Eno; the illusionary master behind the D franchise and Enemy Zero. It’s been a lot of ups and downs sure, but if there’s one thing that agreeable with everyone is that we’re all just grateful to look forward to the future and see what it brings, especially March and all of the releases it’ll bring. We’re going to take a look at some cool shit to find on the web per usual out of LTTPG and we’ll encourage one last hurrah of memorial for our favorite blue and white website. Let’s get started shall we?

Sure, a lot of us are caught wearing clothes that fetishize our love for video games, but how often do we encounter game themed apparel that’s simple and still stylish to wear? Well, 8-Bit Apparel has fills in the gap. Admittedly, there are some tacky items but a lot of the screen-tees and muscle shirts have this minimal yet austere look to them that’s worth checking out. Currently there’s a huge sale on the tees and some of them are as low as $5, go check it out!

Deviantart may contain some of the darkest content that the internet has to offer at times but it’s also one of those places that surprises with works that are the exact opposite, this being one of them. The user Narga-Lifestream with the aid of Arwenphoto, has compiled a gallery of photo-shoot ops of her cosplaying as the Final Fantasy character Yuna. The set pieces and poses are structured from the finest palates of professional photography and it really shows in the gallery, check it out.

So for those unfamiliar with custom toys and then culture behind them, there’s now  a subset of the popular Munny dolls, called Dunnys and two people by the name of Jenn and Tony have done something magical with them. Using the iconic cast of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link, Zelda, and Sheik are incarnated into lovable trinkets that can display proudly on any shelf. They do commissions and love taking on challenges and recommend anyone who may be interested in Munny/Dunny  sculpts take invest in the talents of these fine fellows. You can check out their work here.

In light of the recent events at 1UP, we figured it was more than appropriate to share some our personal highlights that we we’re able to share with you in LTTPG from the famous media broadcasts of the 1UP Network. Think we missed one, be sure to share any of your favorites and talk about it with us!

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