PPR 78

ey guys, remember when we all played that sweet RPG on the Super Nintendo Bahumat Lagoon? No? What about Seiken Densetsu 3, you guys had to have played that right? Gyakuten Kenji 2? Everyone is killing me! Oh, wait, what’s that? You say that none of those games ever came out to North America; yeah, we know that, that’s why there’s the wonderful culture of import gaming. The charming Stevie, cynical James, pugnacious Ser, and scumbag Georgie bring you the latest PPR and this week, they talk about some video games y’all. Topics range from sharing our respects towards Hiroshi Yamauchi and Nintendo’s sordid past with love hotels, the price difference of Zebra bed sheets versus Tiger bed sheets, Super Mario Bros: The Movie 2: the comic, Sega buying Atlus, and so much more in this shit storm of a podcast.

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Show Notes:

Super Mario Bros: The Movie 2: the comic

Spoiler-Klonoa: Door to Phantomile(1:28:43-1:29:48


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