PPR Three Year Anniversary Show


Somehow, against all odds and objections Press Pause Radio has made it to their three year anniversary. GeorgieboysAXE, Toast and Serraxor party in style along with all of you as we celebrate this monumental occasion. We will be enjoying adult beverages and watching perhaps the "baddest" movie about video games, The Wizard. Follow along with the crew as we play The Wizard drinking game and try to survive through the entire movie. The rules are outlined after the jump, play along and don't forget to respond via our social media outlets or on the site, and demand that we never do this again. Thanks again for three great years, and to many more in the future!



The Wizard Drinking Game Rules 
  • Take a shot/drink whenever someone says "California."
  • Take a shot/drink whenever you see a case of bad parenting.
  • Take a shot/drink whenever there are game inconsistencies.
  • Take a shot/drink for every time characters are arguing.
  • Take a shot/drink everytime money is shown or mentioned.
  • Take a shot/drink for every NES shown or mentioned.


PPR Three Year Anniversary

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