PPR at PAX East 2012 Special


 It has been a few days since Team PPR has returned from PAX East 2012 and we have complied several recordings we made throughout the weekend for you to enjoy. The first half of the show we were able to trick Shawn Andrich and Cory Banks from Gamers With Jobs to record with George and Catie, as well as our good friend Derek Lavigne. In that first segment the group discussed sleeping in train stations, how PPR killed The Couchbound Network (probably) and all the games that we saw and played at PAX East. The second segment is the entire team that attended the convention conversing over the content that was posted on the site over the three day event, as well as some of the controversy surrounding the Mass Effect 3 panel and other happenings on the show floor. It was our absolute pleasure to cover PAX East 2012, and we are grateful for everyone that followed the site and that we had the pleasure to meet in person. Thank you for a great show, and we cannot wait to do it again at the next PAX!

PPR at PAX East 2012

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