Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Press Pause Radio in FEZ, GDC 12, Indie Games, Podcast


On this very special episode of Press Pause Radio, we cover all the sites and sounds from GDC 2012. GeorgieBoysAXE returns from his first (possibly last) visit to the Game Developers Conference and describes his adventures to us all. The second half of the episode is exclusive interviews with developers on the show floor, as they discuss some of the best games set to release this year. Please enjoy this very special episode, and come right back in a few weeks as we gear up to invade Boston for PAX East 2012. Thanks for listening!


Johann Sebastian Joust Video 
Proteus Interview with Ed Key-1:15:54-1:21:30
Antichamber Interview with Alexander Bruce-1:22:11-1:30:51
One and One Story Interview with Mattia-1:31:52-1:38:19  Play It Here
PIXI Interview with Sean-1:39:24-1:42:47
Super Combo Man Interview with Zack-1:43:47-1:50:38
Fist Puncher Interview with Matt and Jake-1:51:34-1:57:16
Dust Interview with Paul-1:58:19-2:02:43  Play It Here
Overgrowth Interview with David-2:03:41-2:08:19
Spelunky Interview with Andrew-2:09:31-2:16:41
BGM Bit-The Glowing Stars -I Got It Bad 


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